Sunday, April 01, 2012


While busy creating this weekend I got thinking about what a 'scrapbook page' actually is, what should be on it?  I could hear comments about being a 'good scrapbooker' and I wondered if it matters.  Do you need to be a 'good scrapbooker' or can you just do and be happy with it.  Is it about the best papers, is it about having lots of product on your page, is it about the best looking photos?  I'm not sure these things are relevant.  They can be good to look at (beauty is in the eye of the beholder).  I thought about the pages I was creating.  For me it's a memory written down and shown in picutres.  I often add a title but I'm thinking that this is superfluous to the intention too.  I might need to do a series of title-less pages just for the sake of it so photos and story are truly the key components of a page.  As the weekend progressed I decided to scrap 'simply'.  My simple isn't lots of lined up squares with white card backing but rather a base paper or card with a photo on it.  Maybe another piece of patterned paper or two somewhere on the page.  Some stamping, a little embellishment, title lettering and a story.  I love to look at detailed pages, lots of layering and depth but more and more I am coming to realise that pages like these aren't my style.  This weekend I scrapped photos that weren't carefully composed, that weren't taken on an amazing camera.  They tell a story and prompt my memories to be written down.  That is enough.


KiwiMich said...

I agree, for me it's about recording the story with the pictures. Not whether I have all the latest product on there, or whether I am scrapping in date order. For me it is bright, fun and something for my kids to enjoy looking at.

Janine said...

For me it's the story, not the latest and greatest materials. At the moment I am using my project life kit from three years ago to record what we are doing to our house. For me its about the details, so we have something to look back on.