Thursday, December 27, 2007

the aftermath....

Loved the latest 'simplify 101' newsletter:

Vol. 4 No. 1 December 2007
'Twas the night after Christmas, when all through the house
Not a thing was away, not even my new blouse.
The stockings were thrown by the chimney without care,
And knickknacks and gadgets were strewn everywhere.
The gift wrap was scattered.
The boxes were strewn.
I gasped as I looked all around the trashed room.
What was I thinking, when I bought all this stuff?
Why didn't I realize ten gifts were enough?
The children were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of organization danced in my head.
"But where should I start?" I wondered inside,
"How can I begin, when I'd rather go hide?"
And then in my in-box an email did appear,
From a lady named Aby (who has no reindeer;)
"Go slowly. Go easy. You'll get there", I think.
"You can do this--use the tips right here in ink."
You're asking yourself "Where will all this stuff go?"
It feels overwhelming, this I do know.
You'll get it put away, just remember to breathe,
And if you start on it now, you'll be done New Year's Eve!

Conquer Post-Holiday ClutterBy Aby Garvey
I have to admit something. Christmas day at around 11:30 AM I start to feel like the scroogiest of scrooges alive. I look around my house in dismay--clutter, clutter everywhere! Each year it's the same, I get a sinking feeling inside as I realize that I am the one who gets to figure out where all this new stuff will go. So, as you look around at your post-holiday chaos, realize you're in good company. (I'm right there with you looking at my own post-holiday mess.) Then, take a deep breath and follow the simple steps below, to free your home from post-holiday clutter.

1. Start with your own stuff. Have you ever noticed that everyone else's clutter is way more annoying than your own? I've noticed that, too. ;) Despite this reality, it's far more effective when getting organized to start with your own stuff. Here's why. First, you have 100% control over your own things. There's no negotiating with anyone about what to keep, where to put it or how to store it. This makes organizing your own stuff a notch easier. But even more important, by getting your own stuff tucked away and neat, you'll create a little haven of calm among all the rest of the post-holiday clutter. And that will serve you well in the days ahead as you get everyone else's stuff put away.

2. Do a reality check. The temptation to keep gifts is strong. It's a gift after all. So even if you know in your heart of hearts you'll never wear the holiday Teddy Bear sweater from Aunt Ruth, you feel a sense of obligation to hold onto the sweater. "It's from Aunt Ruth," you lament, "I love Aunt Ruth." Remember this: you can be grateful for a gift (and love the person who gave it to you) without keeping the gift forever. Really. I know it feels awkward and icky, but holding onto an item you really don't love, well, it just keeps the awkwardness and icky-ness going on for months or years to come. Write Aunt Ruth a thank you note to tell her how much you appreciate her thinking of you. Then, put those gift receipts to good use. Return things that just don't work for you and exchange them for something you love and will put to good use. Or, if there isn't a gift receipt, donate your items to a charity or friend in need. This way, you pass along your gifts to someone who will appreciate them and use them. Remember this: unloved and unused gifts equal clutter - both physically and in your mind. Free yourself from this burden right away.

3. Do some easy math. OK, ready for the next reality check? Here it comes. When you started the holiday season, did you have any empty drawers, shelves or closets just sitting there waiting for new things to arrive? If your answer is no, it's time for some easy math. For each new item you added this holiday season, subtract an old item of the same kind. For example, for each new pair of socks, get rid of an old pair. For each shirt added, subtract out an old one from your shirt drawer. And so on. Collect all your "subtractions" into a box and make a trip to your local charity drop-off location. This "easy math" strategy works for toys, games, clothes, outerwear, and any other item that you received which replaces something you already own.

4. Finding space for the big stuff! The big stuff is the hard stuff. To make space for big stuff you need to get rid of, move or store something else equally big, or get rid of, move or store a whole bunch of little stuff to create space for the big item. Take, for example, the five foot tall giraffe my daughter received last year for her birthday (which, not so conveniently from a "stuff" perspective, falls just two weeks before Christmas.) To make room for our new giraffe friend required moving lots and lots of little things out of her room and into the play area in our basement: the baby-doll swing, crib, and highchair to be specific. Making room in the play area for the baby-doll swing, crib and highchair involved getting rid of some toys she no longer played with. Now is a great time to go through toys and games and do a reality check: with all the new stuff that Santa brought in his bag, what can we pass along to brighten someone else's day?

5. Slowly but surely. The temptation (or burning desire in my case) to get everything tucked away and in its home right away can be great. Just remember this. It took a lot of time to purchase all of the new items that were under the tree. It will take time to get everything put away. Give yourself permission to take it slow. Keep breathing, and slowly but surely you'll have that calm and organized haven you had back in November. Good luck! And Happy New Year to you.

Aby Garvey is a professional organizer and the owner of simplify 101, inc. Her mission is to help you create time and space for what matters most in your home and life. Aby is the author of the e-book "the happy scrapper - simple solutions to get organized and get scrapping!" Visit the simplify 101 website for organizing ideas and to subscribe to Aby's organizing email newsletter.
simplify 101, inc., P.O. Box 584, Glen Carbon, IL 62034, USA

have had an enjoyable couple of days & home briefly before we head away again tomorrow. Jase has a dinner booking for 10 people today - a wedding dinner, they are getting married on the steps of the old church that has been deconsecrated & is now the winery cafe/restaraunt tasting room. Such a sweet wee sounding affair :-)

Happy New Year to you all! (& happy decluttering after the gift season).

Saturday, December 15, 2007


The girls have been making these for their classmates - thanks for the recipe Nik :-) The colours on Katya's clothing are appropriate.. but it's actually a clown suit.... from her class performance yesterday. They have a thing about dressups at the moment. There's a little pirate running around somewhere too.

Only 4 more days of work/school left before the Summer holiday's start - wahoo! Have a bit to get done in that time though so better get on with it.
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Saturday, December 01, 2007

been a while...

& Karen tells me I need to update... well here are some pics to share! Moving went well, have one car in the garage but still have boxes to sort in the other half. The worm farm is up & running and the vegetables are growing - even the rhubarb is taking off. Water restrictions started today though so we can't use the lawn sprinklers - just hand held hoses. It feels like home here, though still a bit like staying in a hotel for us too - specially as there is still stuff to unpack... maybe I won't, maybe we'll just 'gift' the boxes to the Sallies.... now there's a thought!

Recycling started (finally) in the Wakatipu but I was impressed that Ethan noticed the recycle bin had been emptied by the roadside & made it his job to bring it back up the drive.
Mmmmm, Peonie season :-) Ali won't love them so much - she's picking them... but I love the big soft flowers :-)

Here's the chicks (not so little any more) that we watched hatch in the last term break... 3 of them will be coming to live with us - Buff Orpingtons & dad is designing the hen house for them as a Christmas gift... & 3 hens... one for each child :-)

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

missing teeth, dogs & collecting

played a little last night with the supplies I have in my crop bag. did some 6 x 12's. was a nice break from packing & cleaning :-)

Katya lost her first tooth this morning - much to her big sisters excitement (who is now trying to pull out her 4th tooth just so she doesn't miss out on the tooth fairy).

& I found this 'arrangement' outside. Ethan was away... Katya & Alicia had tied all sorts of things to the tree: fairy wings, blankets, baskets (a swing/bed for teddy) & even chairs. they 'camped' out on the trampoline & only those who had 'decorated' could come into their house! They will miss this tree at the new house!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

gala days and fairs

just some of the 'events' going on at SBO - keep an eye on the forum... & we are going to a real one tomorrow at Lake Hayes Pavilion :-) I must not purchase any junk LOL - with our move only 4 sleeps away :-).

We have to get a mailbox for our new house... current owners have just used a PO Box... hmm, what sort to get... any suggestions?

all stuffy with a cold at the moment, itchy eyes & all. The house is ready here for us to move out of.. as much as it can be with us & some boxes still in it LOL - just have windows, ovens, walls, doors & behind fridges etc to clean out.

To those I owed PIF's & RAKS... they were all posted on Wednesday :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


for want of a better title LOL

SENZ was fantastic - met SBO dt members for the first time....taught scrapbooking for the first time & attended SENZ for the first time too :-)

This is just a quick post - need to get some more packing done for our move in less than 2 weeks. Plans are under way for a south retreat in March next year - & it's full already!!!! For the decluttering challenge I'm doing... have finished my wardrobe, scrap stuff.. now onto the kids room!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

journal draw & the snow

Jase just pulled two names from a bowl for the journals..... AMANDA & ROCHELLE.

So please send me an email scrappykea at xtra dot co dot nz with your snail mail addy... I will post them, but it may take a week or so as I have a lot on this week :-) (Janine & Karen your PIF is coming... just me & the mail/post system don't get on too well.. guess it's cause I grew up rurally & we just put stuff in the mail box at the end of the drive & the mailperson took it away ... now I have to go to one of their specific buildings... just one of those things about being a townie!

Didn't feel too much like a townie today out at Waitiri though... kids played in the rocks and adults enjoyed some clay shooting & each others company.... nice veiw of the snow covered mountains too!

Ok must get on with SENZ preparation... back to work tomorrow... School, Playcentre.... & then off to Christchurch on Thursday :-)
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Friday, October 05, 2007

busy :-)

busy making things & playing with stuff - all for SENZ next week & with what SBO will have over the weekend! I even have the expression here with me so I can demo it next weekend! The collage above is just some of the things I have been working on. I have had a couple of packages arrive for make & takes this week - I love that kind of delivery :-) Wish my coffeemachine would come back too though... long story but I'm not sure I'd buy products by that company again... it's a well known brand and their service is really disappointing. The pump stopped working about three months ago & after a further month I got a replacement machine.....then when that machine was less than 3 weeks old... the steamer pump stopped working!!!! we didn't want another long wait, but it's been another 3 weeks!!!!!!!! but in the mean time - here's the one cup filter that I'm using.....

Also, since I'm packing for our move (in between playing with paper & embellishments) I've been getting rid of 'stuff'. We've been sorting out things this week for a garage sale tomorrow (but only if it stops raining) otherwise we might just have a trip to the Salvation Army Store - or ask them to come to us! but if you want to 'purge' your stuff too... check out this challenge :-)
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Sunday, September 30, 2007


& it feels good!
with all the sorting & packing going on here at the moment the Scrap Pink day in Cromwell yesterday was a great 'get away'. I was part of an online Scrap Pink crop on Friday night at SBO also & Vicky Challenged us to do a layout with 4 photos & a 'thankful' theme. Niks dh also came to the 'party' so to speak & looked after Ethan with his own 2 boys for the day as well - huge thanks :-)

I've also had fun making some notebooks - hand bound ones & love the Scenic route & Basic Grey papers for the covers! Leave me a comment & I'll pull out two names next Saturday evening & send some to you (remember to check back to see if your name was pulled out so you can flick me your snail mail addy).
I did a 'pink layout' too but for some reason it wouldn't upload from picasa (just a little red cross came up) but if you want to see it check here!

Big thanks to Andrea for organising the friday night online crop & to those who came - for your company too! Big thanks to Kiwi Scraps for your organising for the Saturday Crop & to the fantabulous Nik for 'doing' the local scrap day in Cromwell!

Congrats to the new Up2Scrap Elite team for 2008! & to those highly commended & to the finalists - WTG

& Senz is less than 2 weeks away!!!!! I have loved playing with the product I have for my canvas class & hope those coming will enjoy it & love what they have when they are finished! I've used the class concept for a few other canvas projects too so it's very versatile :-). Apart from the worry about my first 'workshop' I also have to work out what to wear LOL!

OK better stop procrastinating, get some buttons stuck down, create some picture hanging strings & do some more 'purging' of this over full house (I love getting rid of stuff I've decided!)
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Monday, September 24, 2007

disco season

& they are such posers!!!!!!

I had fun spraying their hair purple & putting glitter through it - as well as twisting it up & grabbing some scrapping ribbons to tie in their hair! Term 3 is over & I have just under 2 weeks of mornings ahead of me with no firm committments :-)

We are moving at the end of October (finally bought a house) which is exciting but there's so much to happen before then. Jase almost has a chef which will releive him of kitchen duties and free him up for his mums 60th in Chch over labour weekend as well as making my trip to SENZ much easier to manage!

paying it forward... I think the email address might have been wrong as I haven't got an email from you both, but think I have them somewhere so will try to email you, otherwise flick me one at scrappykea 'at'

Better stop procrastinating & get the washing sorted.
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

I'm playing it forward with....

Karen, Janine & MsGrace so please email me: j n l moss at - without the spaces and the '@' symbol with your postal addy :-). Better get them finished ready to send over this week then!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

sharing time

did you have sharing time at school, or was it news time? at Playcentre we have the 'treasure box' so only one child has something to share with the others. I love this layout. Did it with 'limited supplies' when away over the last Term break.

I got randomly selected to PIF (Play It Forward) from Karen's blog.... so leave a comment to this post if you want to play along.... I'll pull out 3 names, only condition is that you then have to do the same... pay it forward! I've been making some things that will be perfect for 'paying it forward' you just have to wait & see though :-) happy to post these 'overseas' too - whether that be to the North Island or further ..... check back on the 6th to see who....
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

nisa fiin jack

This was fun! while I used the cricut to cut out the little house shapes (zooballoo cart) to stick on I decided to use where they were cut from as a stencil for more houses which I used some fiber scraps walnut ink to 'stencil' in the houses! Got to use some of the new Scenic Route that arrived from Andrea today too :-) as well as some stamps from stampin up! This ends the 'dare jacks' on Scrapjacked USA! Have enjoyed the weekly jack opportunities & the inspiration they provided!

have had some other goodies arrive over the last week.... pizza box kinds & a caffeine one! the Aug Kit for SBO is gorgeous & has been a pleasure to play with.... have some other projects that I need to get on with as well as some stuff for the Scrap Of Faith September newsletter! Best get on with it.
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

scrapjack USA

scrapjack of Geneveive Simmons. Loved the dreamy feel & used this in my layout, as well a few other things too! Thanks for the inspiration.
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Saturday, August 18, 2007

No. 8 Wired - use your scraps

As well as the layout on NZ dares - entirely made from scraps - even the base is glued together pieces of paper...

I did this one - on a piece of acetate - it's 8.5 x 11...& uses scraps of paper, left over ribbons from kids crafts... & lettering - all from packs that I have used letters from them already!
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jack me up

kiwi jack me up - jacking Christi - there is no way I could get my layout that beautiful, so I used her gorgeous layout as inspiration for something fun instead :-)
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

another Jack

of Meghan Dymock... as part of the US scrap jack dare series! I used Meghan's 'words' in that I made them an obvious part of the layout - no hidden journaling! I loved the little circles on her layout & created some rough ones of my own - stamping a greener pastures stamp in them & inking them up a bit too.

Bad photo LOL - taken at night time! But I have a big day tomorrow with work & then a meeting in Dunedin tomorrow night before returning on Friday by 3 to collect the girls from school (unless I can talk J. into being able to pick them up).

Hopefully will have some scrap supplies & photos arriving in time for the weekend & I'm looking forward to some time for playing :-)

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


bit of an interesting take on the praise challenge - but I love the way Mr 4 is combining his love for his family & God in his homemade lyrics!
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Monday, August 13, 2007

plastic bag princess

there's a book about the paper bag princess.... but I arrived home to this after an adult education class at Playcentre... can you guess that dad was doing the looking after? tooo cute :-)

is looking for their 2008 design team! I have enjoyed my briefs for each issue this year - always one for a challenge & a push & working for the Up2 team is great - & it's a home grown mag! So I dare you to get your entry together & send it in.... I never imagined I would get a call last year & as always, entered for the enjoyment of scrapping the layout & project I entered, but to my surprise I got a call from Steph not long after they were due in while at work - I was buzzing... & this could be you! Go to Up2Scrap & get entering - the info is in the latest issue too!
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Saturday, August 04, 2007

US Scrapjack

US ScrapJacked is doing a series of jacks on the original dares team & Kristina Contes is first up! here's my jack of her layout :-) loved doing it - lots of fun!
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No.8 wired

No.8 Wired Dare - Kiwi Words.... I scrolled through the list from the links on the dare blog & 'fancy' caught my eye :-) I've been scrapping our wedding a little lately.... & this term was perfect!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No. 8 Wired

a little of every day - the cleaning products we use!

thanks & happy birthday NZ dares!
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Monday, July 30, 2007


Retreat? yep - 2.5 days of scrapping, the company of other women & minimal responsibilities! We scrapped, ate, talked, shopped & enjoyed each others company & the combined creativity.

The above 'princesses' layout is my 'jack' of Roo's layout for nz scrapjacked - thanks for the inspiration Roo!
While we were at a retreat - you can't be without some necessities - as the Christchurch girls knew when trying to re-pack their stuff to head off, I'm amazed there was any room for people in here LOL.
Here's us! A few pulled out in the last week leading up to the retreat - but it was a great number for a truly relaxing weekend. Yep it was a bit windy on the Sunday morning before we all finished up - we've got that 'windswept' look going on!

The last morning - all trying to get in the last layout or card & adding our 'inchy' to the visitors book :-) Sadly our hostess wasn't able to be there as they had to shear some sheep!!! But that's the way it is (just means we need another sneaky weekend some time when you can make it Deb).

a big thanks goes out to Andrea - both for some fantastic prizes (nics book!!! & some other bits), sponsorship of a 'beautiful you' make & take as well as the stripper in the dark challenge..... and for the well stocked 'shop' as well as for being able to come to some of the retreat - 3rd time lucky LOL. Thanks to Meg - supply of some challenge packs & goodie bag bits & for a 'shop'. Thanks Nik for your scrappywear prize too! Thanks Tanya for creating our challenges from Meg too.

Final huge thanks goes to the partners, husbands, children and pets that were able to survive with us away & for giving us the time for a refreshing & creative getaway in the middle of winter.....
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Sunday, July 08, 2007


We are currently in Blenheim. Have been doing some of the wineries - a work trip for Jase - we just get to go along! I'v been playing with some of the phaunt actions by Kylie Banks- my faves are phaunt magic instant & then beastly colour. Got the links from an online class at Scrapbook Outlet with Mandi Haynes.
above: Katya on a walk in Waikari with Jases parents. Below - Harold the older giraffe at Orana Park, just before I met Vicki & checked out the stamping up catalogue.
Jase & I joined a winery tour today - was a great way to meet some different people & to see & learn a little bit about some of the local wineries. Feel quite isolated without my home internet connection though!
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