Thursday, April 27, 2006

some playing & a tag

Here are some Lo's I've done - playing with some Cherry Arte - I'm really enjoying a break from Basic Grey - but looking forward to seeing IRL some more of the new BG collections (UC, H10 & CMS). Also loving some Cactus Pink chipboard letters.
Love this LO of my girls - they do the silliest things together & have heaps of fun - till one of them cries anyway!

Katya has the most stunning facial expressions & this is just one of them!

Vicky tagged me but I'll do it later - just discovered my computer won't let me cut & paste from word to here- how annoying.

Got all my DT work for TSO complete before the Playcentre/school term started back - I got to play with lots of Oh Baby Boy Papers - had fun but need a break from BG - till next week any way! I'm looking forward to my brief for next month too. Check my gallery after the newsletter is out (you can find the link if you scroll way down to the bottom of this page - any tips on how to get this back up would be most appreciated) to see what I've been doing.

I have a note to put out about a crop the Wakatipu Scrappers are having for National Scrapbooking Day - on May 6th from 10am till 10pm so need to send that today, also have some planning to do for our scrap camp to be held Queens Birthday Weekend in Queenstown -better get on with it! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Patties! With aoli, a squeeze of lemon & in a slice of bread, not my cup of tea but Ali, Kat, Eth & Granny gobbled them down, Granny & I had a double flat trim white to go with it!
We wandered the stalls, looked at all the different crafts & produce for sale. Granny got some handmade chocolate truffles, some cheese sticks & an almond shortbread that she brought back to the house. We went back later to watch the parade -might share some pics of that another time. The whitebait however is the highlight of Autumn Festival for these children - they loved them last year & a sausage & bread just wouldn't cut it!

On the stamp front - it's gone!!!!!! I eagerly went to use it when the children were in bed (not sure that ink + mr 3 + miss 4 go well together) & it has vanished. Not sure that any expletives would actually summarise how frustrated this makes me feel! Hate loosing anything, let alone a 'gift' & one that I hadn't played with yet - sorry Karen, will keep looking for it & post something when I've played. Liked it so much though that I think I'll get one for my sister & sister-in-laws birthday's that are coming up in May (if mine doesn't turn up I'll have to order another too). Check out Stamp Search With Cath for info. It was (and hopefully still is) a fantastic personalised stamp! Posted by Picasa

Friday, April 21, 2006

loving the post!

Each day we've had post this week has brought another surprise. On Tuesday it was some ribbons, Wednesday some brads from a back order, Thursday some pants for Ethan & today a stamp made especially for me (Thanks Chris & Cath) - I so want to play with it but have other stuff on at the moment (like School holiday's & young children in the house!) & events associated with the Arrowtown Autumn Festival - off to a market day tomorrow & a parade in the afternoon.
Thanks everyone who has made my mailbox a happy place this week (often it's just bills, or worse still, nothing!).

more sneaky peeks

the last few I have of sneaky bits to share. Not sharing all of it sorry -yet. Probably June LOL!

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Thursday, April 20, 2006

funky pants

In my mailbox I found a parcel - addressed to Ethan & myself. Vicky made him these way cool pants. He put them on straight away - no holding back! They are fantastic VickyPosted by Picasa


Finally finished my A-Z album. Here are some sneak peeks.

I feel like I've won already, having actually completed an album which showcases a year in the life of our family - Thanks For Keeps for giving me the motivation to get this done. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Weekend

went down to Henley on Saturday. Had a birthday dessert time to celebrate Granny's birthday & to get some family pictures. They were taken @ night time so am interested to see what they look like when printed. So not up on editing my pics after they've been taken - need to work on my ability to eliminate red eye & lighting - when printed ones I've worked on look 'fake' to me!

Loved seeing the children playing ball on the lawn (that Pa had to mow on Granny's insistence). Guess I should take them & a ball down the drive more often for some big open playing spaces.

Couldn't believe how they became soo attached to the television @ the farm since we've removed it from our living room! Makes me pleased I've done this. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, April 13, 2006

new competition

@ the Scrapbook Outlet! - check it out!

there's one for children too (something to focus on during the term break).

I've been making some cards (thought I'd give some as gifts) as per the guide on Mel's blog (thanks Mel) & done everything I can (till I get a family shot) for Mum & Dad's 50th album.

Got the whanau easter eggs today - gotta love chocolate! Ethan helped. Jase arrived home with a lovely bunch of flowers - but not for me - they are for work but due to tomorrow being Good Friday he can't collect them tomorrow!

A free day tomorrow - no Playcentre, only two children & Jase hasn't even got work - may go & collect firewood or check out Warbirds over Wanaka, there's also a walk over Fernhill way that we wanna check out. I have some scrapbook related playing to do over the next week or so too so plenty to make it an 'unfree' day after all!

till next time!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Bridge

We had fish & chips by this bridge that has been fixed up as part of the Wakatipu Trails Trust (sets up & maintains walkways around the Wakatipu). And just because it was a bridge we had to cross it! The Karawau Jets went under while we crossed it - if you look between some of the planks you can see the water.

My mums 50th Birthday today - HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAREN! I'm hoping to head down in the weekend to see her & the rest of the whanau! Including #2 daughter who's been away since April 1st!
Still have to complete my A-Z, have some DT projects/Lo's on the go, have Mum & Dad's 50th mini album to complete & want to alter some tins - better get moving! Put dinner in the crock pot earlier so can get more done. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 09, 2006

a stamp

On one of my many blog adventures I visited Chris's blog. She had a RAK going & I put a number in a comment - guess what - my number got the RAK! I'm getting a stamp made of my name - cool huh!!? I had admired Chris's name stamp on an earlier visit to her blog & now I'm getting one too! Cath @ Stamp Search is making it for me.

I've just moved the computer into the family room - it's getting too cold through the house - this way I can play (& check out all these blogs - you never know what you might learn, find, discover, win) & keep an eye on Mr 3!

Thanks heaps for the RAK Chris - so looking forward to it in my mailbox - how long does stuff take to get from OZ anyway?

Till later!

Friday, April 07, 2006

two children

Life with two children is quite different to life with three, everything takes a little less time and when we go out (like tonight - we saw Ice Age II) there's a child each for J & I to take care of! But we miss her - we miss Katya's crazy comments, bizzare body wiggles and her company. Worst thing is that she doesn't miss us & is having a fantastic time @ Granny & Pa's and at the farm with her cousin Isla. Hopefully Pa will bring her back sometime next week with some firewood too - it's starting to get chilly around here. The Autumn leaves are gorgeous - both on the trees and the ones that have fallen. We have the Arrowtown Autumn Festival happening soon which always involves lots of family fun.

On a scrappy note - my bits for this months DT project arrived yesterday - loving the new basic grey! Have my pics sitting with some appropriate pps on my bench while I finish some research and establish what I want to say with each of the LO's. I have a couple of project ideas in mind so keep an eye out on the Scrapbook Outlet gallery towards the end of the month or beginning of May to see what the design team are working on! Next month I'll be working on some Layouts with instructions &/or a sketch so keep watching that space. There are some way cool products coming in over the next couple of months so keep an eye on that 'what's new' part of the website too!

We have our scrap 'n' chat tomorrow night so looking forward to some catching up & as I've learned only a little scrapping. I checked out some blogs earlier & Mel had some cool cards and a challenge to do some so maybe I'll plan to do cards tomorrow night (might actually get some things completed). At school today when picking up Ali, another Ali gave me an ATC - so cool Ali - thank you - guess that means i should make some instead of just enjoying everyone elses! Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Blog Wanderings

A few things I have been discovering in my blog wanderings …..
First of all we begin our DT role @ Scrapbook Outlet with some of the new BG that has been uploaded to their online site & should arrive for me to play with on about Wednesday. The Scrapbook Outlet is running a forum Competition with a $25 voucher prize – check it out!

Have you tried scrapping yourself? Check out this blog for info & updates – there are entries from all around the world, some cool prizes & some celeb scrappers who have already scrapped themselves – links to all the LO’s are on the March 23rd entry on her blog: 12x12 .. 8x8 .. 6x6. The following is from Kirsty’s blog:
Challenge Rules: All you have to do - even if you are shy, is scrap a picture of yourself on a 6x6 page (we say this becuase some of you may be a little scared - but any size will do). Tell yourself/your kids/your family about you in a short yet expressive phrase - show me YOU! You might want to scrap like my version entitled "I am a Mother" or "I am a Woman" .. you choose what you like as long as its about you. Add doodles and Primas if you can too! Email me at to enter a link to your work and i will then post the link below. Comp closes 30th April 2006. Winner to feature in The Scrapbook Magazine as part of an Article amongst chosen artwork of other entrants

And another which looks like a challenge & a lot of fun & creativity is the 21 day challenge that Rhonna Farrer is running.


Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Wee Man is 3!

Ethan's happy birthday started happy! He enjoyed opening gifts & getting ready for his party. He rushed to greet his friends, cousin & grandparents and eagerly awaited their gift giving (he understands this party thing well). Ethan loves Pa's tractor @ the farm so we put a tractor on his cake (sorry it's not a blue one Pa - couldn't find one in time!). Ethan saw the cake, quickly said "happy birthday to Ethan" in a sing songy voice and blew out the candles before removing the tractor and playing with it!
We then sang happy birthday amidst some laughter.

After a bit of party kai Ethan crashed big time, his temp went up (ok it was sunny but not that sunny!!) and he fell asleep on my knee (maybe I still have my baby?). Eventually took him home & he had a low grade fever (37.7 deg celsius), some pamol & a nap & he was a box of fluffies!

Katya has gone to stay with granny & pa for a week and went away in their car back to the farm quite happily. Ethan was a bit put out not to be going (his temp meant he has to stay with mum) but happy to have his sisters bed for the night.

I now have a 3 year old, a 4 year old and a 5 year old!

While celebrating Ethan's birthday a wine tour group came in with a gentleman having his birthday today too - Another April Fools baby but this one was 72 and born after lunch (his mum held on!). His name was James and Ethan's middle name is James too (know it's not an uncommon name but it's quite cute that these two met). Posted by Picasa