Friday, June 29, 2007

It's still rather cold in the Southern Lakes/Central Otago Area & Winter Fest finally got started with some impressive fireworks - we wrapped up warm & headed into Queenstown to see them - Alicia & Ethan got scared... Katya watched happily!
Just a reminder of how cold it has been:
Been busy with the June kit from Scrapbook Outlet... things should be moving into the gallery over the next week :-)

to all the Rotorua Scrap Campers.... have a blast!

I've done a wee update on the Scrap Retreat blog so for those who are coming - check it out.

Term break started today - wahoo!!!!!
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Sunday, June 24, 2007


Thanks to No. 8 Wired I finally scrapped the menu from my 30th Birthday dinner. It was something that was, then wasn't, then did finally go ahead... thanks to Jase & Andrew the chef at Waitiri Creek - it was delicious! It was over a year ago so nice to see it on a layout.

Cyber Crop at Scrap of Faith last night. Sal's challenge was to get someone in your house to set you a Biblical theme & it had to include at least one Bible verse & something that isn't a 'traditional' scrapping product e.g. plastic, fabric, felt etc. I went for strips of felt that I made the asterisk with. I used a large white brad in the centre and dotted it with pink paint.

Wtih all this snow, my package for Scrapbook Outlet work hasn't arrived... couriers aren't coming to my place, needless to say I'm not leaving here either - my car got me home.. but untill I get chains I won't be taking it out in the snow. I'm really looking forward to this pizza box, & some photos from digital max... so bright & energetic - just what I need when looking out at all the white snow still covering our deck & the lawn where the children haven't been sliding down! Off to put a loaf of bread on!
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Saturday, June 23, 2007

jack me up

Well, when the snow is all around and the fire is blazing, I get to create! I used the radiating ribbons on Vicky's layout for the 'NZ jack me up' as inspiration for radiating bits of patterned paper - it worked with this picture as the three children are coming out from the centre too. I added in a few different embellishments just like Vicky had and played around with a mis matched title as Vicky has a way with words and text on her layout - they are sometimes just as interesting as Vicky's great photos!

Thanks for the Jack inspiration!
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Friday, June 22, 2007

snow fall

well, after just over 4 years of living in this area - we get 'real snow' it came down so quickly and after the last 10 days of frosts with no rain it settled just as quickly. I had a long drive home yesterday - had to get some flour etc. from New World on the way home from Playcentre with Ethan & people were having trouble getting out of the supermarket carpark. I prayed we would get home safely in our 2 wheel drive with no chains! We did - it just took three and a half hours. I got the car halfway up our driveway but it wouldn't go any further! Our neighbour had collected the girls from school as it had closed early & even the busses couldn't get out and they were all playing on the reserve in front of our drive way - snow men, sledding....but then Ethan got cold, then Alicia.... - they can make so much noise when they aren't happy can't they??? Katya played on!
The snow is still here this morning but it is still very cold. blue skies are appearing & I decided not to brave the snow to walk for a hot chilli chocolate & made my own! It is very pretty & it feels like walking through a wonderland with all the snow on the leaves and branches and not really knowing where you are walking.
We got this firewood last week - so pleased we did!!! But before the end of July I'm sure we will be needing more.
So what to do on snowy day... tidy the house first & then play.... some scrapjacking, a winter layout maybe, some retreat make & take planning, having a go at nics sketch at SBO, all while eating soup that Jase put together last night & it's been in the crock pot all night - yum.... tasty warm snacks for the day!
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

cute critter

Here is number 1 - named Bertie & apparently (according to Miss K) it is a 'she' the other two are a bit flat - hopefully will pick up some stuffing tomorrow... but who knows in Queenstown! Want more felt now - these are addictive! I used ribbon for the hair & the doodle bug buttons I got at the last retreat in Bannockburn in goodie bags from Andrea were perfect! Thanks No.8 team for the 'push' to finally do this.
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is a freestyle stitiching layout class I'm doing with Nicole on Tuesday night - looks like I'll be stitching it for a couple of weeks! but looking forward to the new challenge!

Been busy with not one but three 'cute critters' for NZ dares this fortnight - go check it out - there's a subscription or if you already have one, out of the closet products from Up2Scrap to be drawn from all the entries! Will try and do a show & tell later - have to get some more stuffing for the final two :-)

Congrats to Vicky, Jimmy & Kaya on the arrival of Arlo!

Monday, June 04, 2007

daring seethrough cards

Daring cardmakers challenge - using something remotely see through. Since there are a couple of family birthdays coming up this month I got to make use of some of the gorgeous Junkitz transparent ribbon - cupcakes, celebration words & some flowers.

I'm not sure what happened to the full pic of the '5' card - lost between picasa & blogger :-( but you get the picture right?

I just HAD to use the new embossing folders for my cuttlebug (thanks Andrea). both the '5' & the word 'seven' were cut with the cricut but the '5' was cut & then went through the cuttlebug - love how these two tools can work together :-)

I've been playing with both the May SBO kit & with some of the Queens Birthday Weekend Challenges over the last couple of days. Will share soon :-). Can't wait to play with the June kit as it is freezing here at the moment & just seeing all those colours warms me a little.

I've also been mulling over make & takes/classes for the Bannockburn July retreat. I think Tanya Leigh is going to do one of the make & takes using products from Meg - can't wait to see what she has up her sleeve for us! Shout out to Nik who's in the other island at the moment - miss you but hope all is going well - also want you back soon! Must say I wish I was free to go to the Scrap Camp with Lianne & Yolande - & many other scrappers I come across at the end of this month though!

Finally getting some of my unmounted stamps sorted properly with some help from a folder & storage cards from Debbie. also needed some butterfly stamps she had there....

OK, need to leave here as it's too cold & my hands are feeling very chilli!
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Friday, June 01, 2007

the world of mr 4

I showed him how to use the camera & this is what he went of & took pictures of - his 'gate board' ones were his pride & joy! He has some idea about 'perspective' though - check out the waterslide angles & the black seated bike with blue handlebars....
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