Sunday, October 28, 2007

missing teeth, dogs & collecting

played a little last night with the supplies I have in my crop bag. did some 6 x 12's. was a nice break from packing & cleaning :-)

Katya lost her first tooth this morning - much to her big sisters excitement (who is now trying to pull out her 4th tooth just so she doesn't miss out on the tooth fairy).

& I found this 'arrangement' outside. Ethan was away... Katya & Alicia had tied all sorts of things to the tree: fairy wings, blankets, baskets (a swing/bed for teddy) & even chairs. they 'camped' out on the trampoline & only those who had 'decorated' could come into their house! They will miss this tree at the new house!

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Friday, October 26, 2007

gala days and fairs

just some of the 'events' going on at SBO - keep an eye on the forum... & we are going to a real one tomorrow at Lake Hayes Pavilion :-) I must not purchase any junk LOL - with our move only 4 sleeps away :-).

We have to get a mailbox for our new house... current owners have just used a PO Box... hmm, what sort to get... any suggestions?

all stuffy with a cold at the moment, itchy eyes & all. The house is ready here for us to move out of.. as much as it can be with us & some boxes still in it LOL - just have windows, ovens, walls, doors & behind fridges etc to clean out.

To those I owed PIF's & RAKS... they were all posted on Wednesday :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2007


for want of a better title LOL

SENZ was fantastic - met SBO dt members for the first time....taught scrapbooking for the first time & attended SENZ for the first time too :-)

This is just a quick post - need to get some more packing done for our move in less than 2 weeks. Plans are under way for a south retreat in March next year - & it's full already!!!! For the decluttering challenge I'm doing... have finished my wardrobe, scrap stuff.. now onto the kids room!

Sunday, October 07, 2007

journal draw & the snow

Jase just pulled two names from a bowl for the journals..... AMANDA & ROCHELLE.

So please send me an email scrappykea at xtra dot co dot nz with your snail mail addy... I will post them, but it may take a week or so as I have a lot on this week :-) (Janine & Karen your PIF is coming... just me & the mail/post system don't get on too well.. guess it's cause I grew up rurally & we just put stuff in the mail box at the end of the drive & the mailperson took it away ... now I have to go to one of their specific buildings... just one of those things about being a townie!

Didn't feel too much like a townie today out at Waitiri though... kids played in the rocks and adults enjoyed some clay shooting & each others company.... nice veiw of the snow covered mountains too!

Ok must get on with SENZ preparation... back to work tomorrow... School, Playcentre.... & then off to Christchurch on Thursday :-)
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Friday, October 05, 2007

busy :-)

busy making things & playing with stuff - all for SENZ next week & with what SBO will have over the weekend! I even have the expression here with me so I can demo it next weekend! The collage above is just some of the things I have been working on. I have had a couple of packages arrive for make & takes this week - I love that kind of delivery :-) Wish my coffeemachine would come back too though... long story but I'm not sure I'd buy products by that company again... it's a well known brand and their service is really disappointing. The pump stopped working about three months ago & after a further month I got a replacement machine.....then when that machine was less than 3 weeks old... the steamer pump stopped working!!!! we didn't want another long wait, but it's been another 3 weeks!!!!!!!! but in the mean time - here's the one cup filter that I'm using.....

Also, since I'm packing for our move (in between playing with paper & embellishments) I've been getting rid of 'stuff'. We've been sorting out things this week for a garage sale tomorrow (but only if it stops raining) otherwise we might just have a trip to the Salvation Army Store - or ask them to come to us! but if you want to 'purge' your stuff too... check out this challenge :-)
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