Sunday, April 22, 2012

Otago Rail Trail

150 kilometres, 13 people, 5 days.

Sore bottoms, viaducts, tunnels, history, family, friends, photos.  Great Journey!

Friends were doing the rail trail and we chose to join them.  We took our own bikes and utilised the services of Trail Journeys to organise our accommodation and bags transfer from place to place.  Part of our package included a Train ride to Dunedin at the completion of our journey.  We want to do it again.  Maybe next year, earlier if other people want to join us.
Sorry it's just a photo collage, it would have been a super photo heavy post if I didn't.

More to come.  Just not yet.  School Tomorrow.

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janine said...

That looked like such a neat family trip to do and what great memories the children will have of this trip too.Did the family do any traiing before hand?

Have a great start to Term 2 tommorrow.