Friday, January 27, 2006

How old will you be?

We asked Katya this and she held up four fingers and said 'four'- not instantly mind you as she very carefully checked her hand to make sure only four fingers were showing before displaying how clever she is. Here Katya is at her first of three birthday treats - this one at Nana's before we left for Dunedin. Later today she's having one at Granny's. Then another on Sunday afternoon! Posted by Picasa

fluffy chick

Doesn't this look much better?? Just thought I'd share a link with an online store based in Invercargill that is looking for a design team. Have a look around and find the link to 'design team' where all the information is. Posted by Picasa


Yesterday afternoon we had the pleasure of first listening to this chick tap away at the inside of the egg then see it break free of it's shell. The children and I loved watching this process as well as seeing it dry out and turn into those lovely fluffy things you picture in your mind as you think of chickens. This chicken is a 'wellsummer'. Mum loves raising hens and has them running around the yard - I love seeing them run to the lawn when we call for them with scraps of food - an almost busy waddle. The chick hatched in an incubator - mums Christmas present - it even turns the eggs evenly during the incubation period. This chick is now with a mother hen getting used to hen language and guidance. Posted by Picasa


We had a fantastic time staying with Nana & Grandad in Waikari and took the half hour drive to Hamner Springs last Sunday (after arriving at 2:30am that morning) and it was just the rest we all needed. As we clambered out of the car Ethan put his nose in the air, inhaled and said "mmm... eggs!" It was a different story though when getting into the most 'natural' of the pools when all three said "we don't want to go in the stinky pool!" In the evenings Nana & I did scrapbooking in her craft room and we even spent a whole day driving around scrapbook stores in Christchurch - I spent way too much but found some neat things to play with. Nana also discovered many places she didn't know existed & plans to return. She is going to be teaching calligraphy at later in the year and signed up for a class for a valentines album at that she will also take my sister in law to. Jase had some wine sales to do so I spent a day with him driving out to Arthurs Pass and visiting some Lodges as well as in an around Christchurch central. We had dinner at an Italian place called Saggio Del Sol (not sure of the spelling) which I had the summer white truffle pasta dish & he had some shaved raw beef dish (I felt queasy when he told me what he was eating and had to gulp down water quickly - I'm almost vegetarial by choice of taste rather than beliefs!).
We drove back to Dunedin on Wednesday night as Jase was called back to work a day early & the children and I are staying here till Saturday night as my cousin is getting married on Saturday and Granny is doing a small birthday party for Katya later today. We are having an afternoon tea party for Katya's 4th on Sunday afternoon at Waitiri Creek so hopefully we have fantastic weather - all she wants is a bowl of lollies - coloured ones! Posted by Picasa

Friday, January 20, 2006

tag you're IT

Karen tagged me!
here goes...
Four Jobs you’ve had in your life:
dairy farm shed hand
registered nurse
primary teacher
early childhood teacher
Movies you would watch over and over:
Shrek 1, Shrek 2, Princess Bride and Monsters Inc. Ice Age.
Places you have lived:
Berwick, Outram, Momoana, Dunedin, Auckland - Glen Eden, Onehunga, Queenstown, Arrowtown.
Places you have been on vacation:
Sydney, Brisbane, Naesby, Glendhu Bay, Mavora Lakes.
Websites you visit daily:
Kiwiscraps forum, many blogs, two peas forum, pride publishing.
Favorite Foods:
blue cheese, quince paste & crusty bread. Chocolate. Coffee.
Places you would rather be right now:
in bed sleeping, Scrapbooking at my work bench!

pass it on...not sure who to yet... watch this space in case it is you!


This is the girls at the Lake Hayes A & P show - bags of candyfloss - wouldn't be an A&P show without it. They looked so cute in their self selected dresses watching the horses do their thing. Earlier this week I found out I had won a basic grey blitzen pack for a layout at I love these papers & am really looking forward to seeing them tomorrow night when Jase comes through on our way to Christchurch. Posted by Picasa

Hydraengas in the garden

Went to my grans today. Lunch with my cousin who is getting married on the 28th of January & aunties, uncles and other cousins too. We sat outside with weird weather - despite which I think I am a little sunburnt! These flowers were in the corner and the vibrancy of the blue/lavendar was stunning. Posted by Picasa

Waitiri Creek

Was playing around with photos of Jases work for his newsletter & quite liked this one. I love taking pictures of the vines at different stages but wanted the building too. I have a paper bag album of the viticulture process coming out in the next up2scrap which will be exciting to see in print. Posted by Picasa

Little swimmer


Bringing the girls to Dunedin for swimming lessons has been a fantastic confidence booster for them. They aren't quite floating unassisted but they are keen to give things a go & even go right under the water (if you had met my eldest daughter you would know this is a big thing!). After the last lesson today we visited the red shed & got some 'noodles' that had been used in the lessons so they can keep 'practising'. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Advent calendar


I started working on this after seeing one in Up2Scrap & wanted to avoid the children's character ones with a chocolate. I can't imagine I"ll work on it again till next November/December now but thought I post what I have done. I'm going to put bible verses & things we can do together on the lead up to Christmas. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Queen & Co competition & Co Competition

Found this link on Nics Blog. Looks very cute!

granchildren canvas

This was for my mum & dad for Christmas. Mum wanted somewhere to put recent photos of her grandchildren (currently 6 of them but who knows....-no I'm definitely not having more!). I painted the canvas the same colour as her walls - napa - and attached the ribbon with brads. The clips serve the purpose for photos to be added and changed at will - It had to be 'modern' enough to go on mums walls - best thing is she must have liked it cause it was up on her wall that day. Posted by Picasa
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scrap canvas for MIL

I did this canvas for Jases mum for Christmas. After the photo I added three black circular brads down the bottom left - it really finished it. I enjoyed doing this with my MIL in the house - she gave me advice when I asked for it - not knowing it was for her!

Anyone know how to put more than one photo in the blog using picasa? Posted by Picasa
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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

new year

O.k so I've been a bad blogger - and no I haven't made "to blog more" a new years resolution! but I did go for a walk this morning.
I didn't get much layout scrapping done leading up to Christmas - gift making took over - I'm really pleased with how scrapcanvasses turned out. After not thinking I'm very Christmassy I entered a 'Spirit of Christmas' competition put out by our council & I won a tent -very exciting - I'm hoping for some time off for my dh to go camping with us some time this month. I'm looking forward to our scrap 'n' chat on the 14th and to putting plans together for a scrap camp perhaps in May some time.
I have so many photos to scrap (as the digitalmax .32 cent prints have ended) and a few competition entries to work on that I probably shouldn't be blogging but rather scrapping. Problem is that after Christmas & New Year I have even more photos to consider getting printed!
Happy New Year everyone!