Thursday, April 12, 2012


Below are some recent 'thrift' finds. My fave is probably the glass jug with pink frostings and gold trim. The blue is a great V-neck 3/4 sleeve top and the pink is a stunning scarf, for which I have a recipient for in my mind. The colours are perfect. When organizing our pantry, we were a few containers short. The big jars with yellow lids are perfect!


Janine said...

oh nice finds....I wish you lived closer, Bev and I would love to go treasure hunting with you. we could show you our fav places....I am sure though that the prices down your way are probably cheaper than what we pay now. Bev and I have noticed the prices have gone up since we started a few years ago.

Lara said...

One day Janine...I only really get the pleasure when on term break:-) I too think the prices have gone up. Possible related to Trade Me re-sales.