Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A week in my life - Tuesday

Not so much about the food today, but the mundane side of family living - the dishwasher waiting to be emptied.  This morning I got out of bed just after 6.  Showered, dressed and made a flat white.  I then sat to read my bible while the rest of the house was still asleep.  I am reading Philippians at the moment.  At school we did quite a bit of work on the Activboard with the class - we have been learning how to use some of the pen tools like changing colours.  We also did some descriptive writing about Autumn Leaves and exploring our ideas and understanding about ANZAC day and created some pastel poppies.  I was on lunch eating duty - wandering around a bunch of eating students wearing a flouro yellow vest and a 'bum bag'.  When they put their hand up I had to check their lunch boxes to see if they had consumed all or most of their lunches and then letting them go to play accordingly.  PL (Professional Learning) meeting after school - lots of nuts & bolts stuff and a term 1 survey reflection.  I waited in the school library and checked my emails as E had guitar lessons until he finished and then we headed for home.  I took a photo driving down into the area where we live.  I jumped on the exercycle when we got home for 30 minutes while A attempted to make ANZAC biscuits.  They spread out a long way...  I checked the mailbox and was happy to see that my 'good' magazine had arrived  I had a 6:30pm appointment to get a brow shape and eyelash tint at An Seomra - love that it's a 5 minute drive from home.  So handy.  When home I had some delicious vege curry (the kids said it was a bit hot) and brown rice that J had prepared for us.  I sat down with a decaf coffee and had my first flick through 'good' magazine.  I seem to do that with magazines, have a flick through and then later I go through slowly reading articles of interest.  Often I'll re-visit it over the next week or so too.  The vintage crockery on the cover caught my interest so I think I'll be spending some time in this issue!

Today felt go, go, go.  It always is on days when there are lunch duties and meetings after school as well as the kids having guitar lessons.  Need to plan ahead for family meals more.  Bring out the crockpot maybe.

J for cooking dinner when I had no idea of what to cook.
Nice eyebrows :-)

Favourite moment...
lying on the beauticians bed having my eyebrows waxed.  sadistic much.
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Alisa said...

My good magazine arrived today also. The cover picture also got me a little excited to sit down and enjoy it.

I also flick. Then go back and read it cover to cover. I have all copies of that mag in my lounge and often grab one out and flick back through it again.