Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A week in my life - Wednesday

Wednesday 25th April 2012
This morning I didn't have to get up early.  I got to sleep in a little.  When I did get up (about 7:30ish) it was our Trusty Delivery Morning - two cartons of milk and a pack of vogels.  I then had the job of sewing on some girl guide badges for Miss K in preparation for an ANZAC day parade.  For some reason we don't have dawn parades here.  I miss these, there was something special about getting up early in remembrance.  The girls were photographed by the ODT laying their poppies in remembrance for the fallen soldiers. The photographer took their names down.  I'll have to check the papers tomorrow to see if they have made the cut.  I spent some time this afternoon checking out DSLR cameras.  I figure I'll reach my 'healthy weight' range in the next 3 months and then I can get myself one as a reward.  I am thinking if I keep an eye out on prices and camera reviews I'll be well informed and get the best camera for me when I get there.  The youngest two and I went for a swim just before dinner time.  I swam 80 lengths.  It took 45 minutes, would like to take 5 minutes off that next time.  I didn't feel like I'd swam 2km so I think I can do it harder.  I daresay I'll feel it tonight though as I haven't been for a good 6 weeks...maybe an update on this tomorrow.  After dinner (burritos with paprika mince, brown rice, kale and salsa) the kids all got their jammies and gowns on and we walked around to the home of a family from church for bible study (hence the photo of the few street lights in the dark down the bottom, second from the left).  There were so many things I thought I would do today.  I haven't done them.   It means I have to do them in the weekend.

I checked out my google reader this afternoon and visited the blog of a friend who contracted Meningitis and has since been left blind, deaf and slowly regaining the ability to walk.  His faith and his message shared is so powerful.  One thing that affected me most was his talking about the amazing creation of our bodies.  How things all work together, how muscles, organs and our mind all affect each other.  He, the man who's body in many ways has let him down.  This is something I have been thinking about as I work towards looking after my body, thinking about what I put into it and what I can use it for.  It's deep.  And some things shouldn't be taken for granted.  But we do.  I need to be more thankful. 

Memorable moments...
While I was madly sewing on Miss K's girl guide badges when we should have been on our way to the Memorial Gates I was thinking that A would have sewn her daughters ones on the night she came home with them from Girl Guides.  However, when we got to the memorial gates I smiled when I saw that her daughters badges were only pinned on.  Maybe I'm not such a bad mum.

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dawn said...

Love the collage and that you had so much writing and thoughts for the day. I made my day about being thankful yesterday, this project really makes you think about all we have!! Really enjoyed this!!