Thursday, March 20, 2008

this boy

had his first school visit today. 9- 11am. he has one more next Thursday, then Starts school on April Fools day (yep, he was even born in the morning!!!).
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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


is coming!
the trees all the way to school are changing...soon the leaves will be like the above photo of Waitiri last year!

check out the Scrap of Faith blog.

I got a gorgeous thank you card & some wee goodies from one of our Scrap Retreaters today - such a lovely surprise in my mailbox - Thank You!

Have been busy with MM 5th Avenue and the March Kit this week. Been fun doing some more creating.

It's Playcentre Awareness Week this week (finishes tomorrow just in time for the 5 day weekend) and we have been doing 'green stuff' as the focus is "Small steps to effect change". fun times at Queenstown Playcentre!

Have you been making Hot Cross Buns? Feeling the need to so looking out for some great recipes, love their smell as they cook, mmmm.


Wednesday, March 12, 2008


all the way to Invercargill we saw gorgeous thick & strongly coloured rainbows... was a game of who can spot the rainbow first... we even saw one finish in Lake Wakatipu near Glenorchy.

Back in the ward, a bit sore, bit nauseus, very hungry, very thirsty!

& just cause I'm a scrapbooker & she's Katya... she posed LOL - gotta love her ability to have fun.

Apparently she had a broken radial head... it needed set under General Anaesthetic...luckily it didn't need the K-wire inserted.
have follow up xray next week... hopfully won't mean a trip to Invers.

She has at least 5 weeks of wearing this cast... we'll see... she's a grub at the best of times & we are having her extremely belated 6th birthday party here on friday.

Lazy boys aren't the best beds
6 people in a 4 bedder hospital room isn't relaxing
I need sleep!

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Monday, March 10, 2008

team effort

as scrap retreat south was... so was this layout.... part of our Saturday night crop included us each starting a layout & when 7 minutes was up, passing it to the next person to work on for 7 minutes, then pass again... this layout is a culmination of lots of scrappers - love that it is something from others & a beautiful layout too!

Thanks to everyone who made this a fantastic weekend. It was fantastic to meet people I hadn't met before... which was many of you... & to even have a couple of north islanders join us too!

At the end of June a few of us are putting together another inspiration weekend, but on a larger scale... all and any profit will go to charity... check out Creative Inspiration South!
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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


from my bed for the retreat this weekend... not far so I could sneak back...but really looking forward to some 'free' time to create, play, chat and generally chill out. Needed me thinks.
check out the cool duvet cover mum & dad got Jase & I for a combined birthday present :-) Thanks mum, no you can't have it at the beach!
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