Sunday, May 25, 2008


Wahoo, Queenstown has a pool... opens on Sat 31 May... looking forward to doing some lengths on the way home from work...also wondering about the spa's after winter fest opening night for the Creative Inspiration South campers.... Photo above is rubbish as my lens kept steaming up (should have done the put it in a bag thing) but Alicia loves the lazy river!

Now Penny has a 'list' thing going on her blog... for some of her 'eco bags'... loved these last time she had one up for the draw... but I missed out! Happy blog birthday Penny & welcome to the terrible twos...

my list: splendid things
1. a pool for Queenstown
2. planning a weekend of just creating
3. dh vacuuming & mopping the floor
4. my dd finding her sisters poetry book that's been missing for a month
5. the snow capped mountains all around my home with clear skies behind
6. new jammies & slippers for the kids
many, many more things!

so there's a start to my list Penny... do I get in the draw now?

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

the other trees

here's the other tree project I mentioned last post.... the words on the blue strip relate to a verse in the bible Jeremiah 17:7-8. I like trees a lot at the moment! This measures 30 inches wide by 12 inches high & sits above a wooden desk in the family room (just to the left of our front door). Have plans for a 'house' layout for above the china cabinet... & thinking of another idea that I'll use as a 'workshop' at our next retreat: Creative Inspiration South... am going to put an update over there soon as we've made changes to the cost with one of our team continuing to be unwell... we are going to relax it a lot!

I finally made a start on the actual creating of my 'all about me' books for the kids (a la Nic H)... have done the cover pages. I'm doing them 8 x 9 inches, will laminate the pages & bind them together with the bind-it-all.

Mmmm with my tree love, I'm hanging out for Andrea to feel well enough to upload the new Love Elsie Forrest papers that Vicky has posted pics of on the SBO Blog...
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Sunday, May 18, 2008

creating off the page

have been wanting to some OTP tree stuff for a while & when I saw the first part of this verse in the tarisota gallery on a peice that Tamar had created I knew what I wanted to do. So I got to work last night & came up with this A4 canvas using some Sassafrass Lass papers, stickers, corrugated card, buttons & a white paint pen as well as some scrap patterned papers. All ready to hang in our office/playroom.
I also created another 'tree' canvas but it wouldn't upload from picasa... maybe next post!
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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

tickled my fancy

this was opposite us at the Arrotown Autumn Festival this year (& I loved the hazelnut butter... so did mum). One of the people in this family were also selling their artwork, didn't get a photo of the sign but it was along the lines of 'art by 5 year old, buy it now before I'm famous & you won't be able to afford it! I put pics of some of the stuff I had for sale at our stand on if you are interested in looking.

hmm, sorry about my crab apple spelling... to start with I'd written crap abble.. fixed the 'b's' but not the 'p' oops... hopefully I made you smile anyways...
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

do you think maybe...

they want inside?
Well I know for a fact they do...they love cat biscuits & eye up the cat with envy through the kitchen door!

These girls are keeping us in a good supply of eggs still with on average 2 eggs a day wahoo!

We have been 'collecting' or 'harvesting' Autumn supllies over the last 24 hours - walnuts, crap apples, apples & quinces. Looking forward to processing some of these into jellies, snacks, pastes and desserts over the next 48 hours... just need a little more sugar & a big pot!

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