Thursday, May 31, 2007

some changes

I've added blogs to my book marks so have taken the links away from here - easier to get to than by opening this up first! (tried the feed thing but can't make it work for me :-()

well then....'s the last day of May & I haven't posted here all month! Have had a couple of weekends away for the Otago Playcentre Association - Napier for a Promotions Meeting & Rotorua last weekend for the Annual Conference. Have been enjoying Playcentre this week with lots of exciting learning happening for children - we enjoyed some walks in the Queenstown Gardens -one particular day we had a blast in an amazing pile of leaves - parents & children really enjoyed the experience - the ducks enjoyed bread that we picked up from Gardens Novotel -breakfast left overs - on the way up to the park. The three below are some of our 4 year olds looking up Lake Wakatipu on our way to the Park! Now these fascinate me - printers blocks - photo taken at the Naseby museum - I see these and think about how much technology has changed - to go up a font size with these babies you had to use a whole new set! the time involved!!!
Can you see the fear?
Queenstown Gondola.

My dare entry for the last No. 8 wired dare - have you checked out the current dare - go the photos LOL.

And congrats to Vicky & Trina who joined the SBO design team earlier this month - some exciting things in the pipework.... not to mention Vicky's baydee that needs to hurry up & be born!

There are some changes happening at SOF too but I'll leave them to Sally to announce!

May must have been a good one as my friend Nik (who I run regular scrap retreats with in Bannockburn) has started a new venture - so check it out!

ok, must go do some real work!