Saturday, February 25, 2006

My 30th

Great day! Woke to the girls wishing me a happy birthday, presents from their hiding place under the bed & Jase making me a coffee. Off to Playcenter. Two children who don't usually come in on Friday's popped in with some handmade birthday cards - so sweet! A bunch of flowers arrived at mat time from my brother, Sister in law & son - gorgeous. The children sang happy birthday. Home - a card, some gift vouchers and another package in the mailbox - yeah for me! I then cleaned the windows (have about 50 adults & children coming for a barbecue on the 25th) and then vacuumed up the polystyrene packaging bits the youngest two had strewn all over the living room floor.
Zoom to 6:30pm. Mum & dad arrived with a piano on the back of the ute (my grans one for me) which I'm really looking forward to being able to muck around on. They gave me a coffee grinder & a really nice pillow. Six of us went out for a degustation dinner - my favourite was the linguini but it was all absolutely stunning - great food, great company! This was cancelled last week as I didn't think there was enough interest - a barbecue planned instead - but Jase & Andrew Van Lent the chef made it happen - Thank You.
I was also given a gorgeous Tamsin Cooper broach - greens & pinks - I'll try to put it on here later - so pretty!
Anyway, need to get on with getting ready for visitors this evening! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

garden harvest

I love finding things in the garden! This kind of natural foods just tastes better when you pick it yourself! We've been tidying up the garden ready for Autumn and we gathered some plums & were pleasantly surprised to find green gage plums and wild blackberries too! Jase also picked some crab apples which may eventually become a jelly! The neighbouts quinces are growing nicely too & we will ask them if they are happy to share some again this year - I love quince paste with blue cheese! Another rhubarb cutting is in store too - rhubarb shortcake - yum! Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 17, 2006

scrap sites & happy birthday to me!

Just a quick post to say that there’s a new scrapbooking forum up at it’s a Southland based (Invercargill) online store so check it out & introduce yourself!  They are also looking for a design team so go to the site, click on design team and send them some stuff (3 layouts & something altered).  There are some cool products there too & for great prices – Bazzill is $1.20!!! and they have a huge range.

There is also going to be a scrapcamp in Queenstown on Queens Birthday Weekend (2nd-4th June) so check that out at or post here if you want an enrolment form.

Have you seen the new site – it has a shopping cart and everything – really easy to use & can see how much you are spending all on the page you are viewing her great products on.  Karen is looking for layouts to go in her gallery there too – so send her some pages for all the world to see – well other scrapbooking fanatics anyway.

One more thing – I turn 30 next week – finally feel like I can say I’m a grown up, well next week anyway!

Be Good & Happy Scrapping!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

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Paper Bag Wine Album

as seen in Up2 Scrap.
I'm going to add the other pages too - not sure how to put more than one in a page though (from picasa).
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Sunday, February 05, 2006


We went for a walk on the waterfront in Queenstown on Saturday Morning and we got a big fright when this statue started moving next to us. We had lots of fun later watching everyone else get frights too as we ate delicious icecream from Patagonia - the girls had a chocolate one and I had lavender and honey. Ethan didn't get any as he hadn't eaten his lunch. I took home some of the handmade chocolate - dark chocolate & chilli; dark chocolate & lavender; dark chocolate & rose petals - all were stunning and immensely enjoyable later! Posted by Picasa