Tuesday, April 01, 2008


yep. my baby is now 5.

This is my cheats version of an icecream cake... he thought it was pretty good!

His 'party' is on Friday night so this will do till then.

He had a good day at school & I had a fantastic one at Playcentre.

He was a bit sad in his lack of toy presents from us (we are tired of putting them away... actually we haven't been, we have been collecting what is left out each night & storing in a washing basket in our wardrobe... there have been a few sad moments... but they get them back after a week) but then we found a parcel that was tucked in beside the recycling bin... & he hasn't got off the scooter since! Thanks Granny & Pa.

& yes, he's an April fools baby. born at 5:30am on 1st April 2003. I now have a 7 year old, a 6 year old & a 5 year old. He had to be an April Fools baby.
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