Friday, December 09, 2005

Christmas Spirit Blog Challenge

1. Do you decorate your house this time of year? if so… how?
We put up our Christmas tree early in December. I am currently working on an advent calendar using canvasses like one in the last Up2Scrap magazine. The few Christmas cards I get are hung on strings along the wall. This year there is a Christmas Spirit competition in the Wakatipu where our council have given out packs of card, glitter and christmas ideas for people to decorate the front of their houses - I'm giving that a go with a 'kiwi christmas' theme - no snow!
2. Have you ever been in a decoration competition?
Entering one this year - not planning on winning but it's a fun project to work on with the children.
3. How much is too much?
For me anything with bright lights (I like white ones) & moving plastic santas turn me right off.
4. How do you celebrate this time of year?
As a Christian I celebrate Jesus' birth as the Son of God in the most humblest of contexts. We make it a focus on family and fun rather than gifts (though I like presents!), as much as possible any 'big gifts' are ones we share or are for the children to share. Santa does come to our house - I find that it adds to the magic of the Christmas experience for young children. We generally spend Christmas day with one or other of our families.
5.Whose job is it to wrap all the Christmas gifts?
Mine by choice!
Will you (or whoever) use gift bags, or wrapping paper?
This year I have brown paper rolls that I use & have torn up red fabric for ties on them.
6. What do you dislike most about the holiday season?
the constant advertising and idea that Christmas is all about how much you spend on everyone!
7. What are you top 3 Xmas songs.
silent night
Mary's boy child
Santa wear your shorts
8. Real tree or fake?
like real but have fake as a real one wouldn't last long enough & they make me sneeze!

Thanks for this challenge - it gives me some ideas for upcoming Christmas layouts! I'll try to post some pics of Christmassy things at our house this weekend.