Wednesday, May 31, 2006

7G's & scrap camp

Put this together last week for a competition on Scrap-Tastic where you had to use 50% 7Gypsies products. Think I managed, didn't win though but had fun playing with such vibrant patterned papers. mixed them with so Daisy D's. I love how my daughters hang out to make things. After seeing what Eli did on Mels blog they explored the art website & decided to do some quilling. Alicia was quite the expert & was coy about the fact she had already done it at school. They made some fantastic flower pictures. Thanks for that link Mel - it's going to be a life saver as it continues to get colder down here (& we need more firewood!!!!) and we do lots of inside stuff.

Have spent time this evening sorting the photos I hope to scrap this weekend @ ARSC. I can't believe how many layouts I have that I want to scrap - hopefully I'll make a dent - if I'm not talking too much!

I've been exploring my first scrapbook books over the last week. Read Clean & Simple the sequel by Cathy Z in the weekend & love her work but have decided that's so not me. I still love her philosophy though that it has to be fun. Today I got the Autumn Leaves Freestyle book from SE. It is way more me but I'm astounded at the creativity & ideas that some scrappers can come up with, I do still have hang ups about things being acid free, lignin free, fade resistant etc cause I'm doing this for the long term not for the next 30 years!

Huge congrats to Andrea & Leith of the Scrapbook Outlet as they had their twin boys - Oliver & Kayne last week. Andrea is amazing & is working on the SO newsletter which should still go out within the first couple of weeks of June as well as caring for her new babies! The things women can do:-)

I must go & get this fire pumping out some heat - my fingers are getting cold!

Catch you after ARSC (A Royal Scrap Camp). Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 26, 2006

thunderpants inspired

Here it is Karen - inspired by thunderpants!

Had fun doodling. Love that I found that quote - fits the pic very aptly!

Got my hands on clean & simple the sequel by Cathy Z today - such a good read so far!!!

Also got a letter from Pride Publishing - they want one of my A-Z Lo's for publication in issue 44 - so exciting (just wish I live with a bunch of scrappers who understand what this means to me - but then I 'd have to share my stash!).

Donna also got a letter - congrats Donna! (her links down to the lower right of my blog)

To all those scrap camping - this weekend - hope it's a good one at whichever camp you are at. I'm looking forward to mine next weekend! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 25, 2006


My cousin had a baby boy over a month ago! I have created this for her & him - just have to alter a box for it to go in then get it posted!! Loved playing with the Daisy D's stuff & throwing in some BG fibres! Most pages are blank for her to add little pics of her wee man!

Really busy at the moment. This week in particular is really full on & it's taking it's toll. work as usual but had a Te Whaariki (NZ early childhood curriuculum) seminar in Wanaka on Monday & facilitated a course 2 basic communication Playcentre workshop in Clyde on Tuesday night. We had
people over last night, Jase is out to a Playcentre meeting tonight (I might squeeze some scrapping in - cause I'm feeling sever withdrawls!!) and we have our date/video night tomorrow night with Rugby to watch on Saturday evening (so not a rugby fan & will scrap with the hostess but couldn't miss the finals!!). then the week starts all over again.

Plan to do a challenge from twopeas - using my underwear as inspiration - have you seen thunderpants? - love the shapes & patterns & they are oooh sooo comfy! You can get them at some really cool design shops too so I can't be alone in my comfort can I? so watch this space for some thunderpant inspired work!

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Nic's Class

Really enjoyed my workshop with Nic H last night! Like what I achieved for my first Scrapbook Workshop (only other was with a 'home class' through a particular company). Thanks for the opportunity for an LSS challenged scrapper!

I didn't get the product pack for the class but put together my own - used Urban Coture (BG), wholy cow bg rub ons - girl - white, Maya Road Chip flowers & cactus pink chip letters, mm pink paint & some delish paint - pale grey & Bazzill CS. My pic is bigger than the one recommended -but when do I do what I'm told? I had an altercation with the rub on - not sure it loves textured CS much!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA!! (my wee sis)

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Had these fun photos of Ethan to play with & found some fun papers to add to the fun. Finally used some of the BG Frog stuff (what's with that?) Enjoyed using some paint again - haven't used much for ages & my foam stamps too. Made the dots with cotton buds - trying to emulate those in the Cactus Pink patterned paper.
Love the 'I'm not handsome' Lo - just cause Ethan is always so worried about not being handsome - I thought it was girls who worried about their appearance?
Have been doing some Scrapbook Outlet DT work - enjoying the stuff I have to work with - love that they aren't colours I would normally pick so really stepping out of my comfort zone!

Got some cool Delish paints from SE - loving the tins & the creamy texture of the paints - know I could mix in the white/cream to make the different shades myself - but they look sooo pretty!

Got the latest Up2Scrap today - way cool - great to see some familiar names in there - other than the Elite Team - Donna M, Vicky G & others but you guys jump to mind! Loving the home grown stuff.

Looking forward to my online class with Nic @ Shop and Crop tomorrow night - cheated & only paid for the class - have put together my own page kit from the instructions sent after registering - will use some BG urban coture so watch this space on Thursday evening (will hopefully have it photographed by then).

Finally ordered a replacement stamp from Stamp Search with Cath - since the monster doesn't seem to want to return the original! Looking forward to using this one - have a space in my stamp drawer for it so the little monster fingers can't get in!

Enough dribbling. Must get on with clearing away some washing & paperwork! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, May 11, 2006


Rach set a challenge as a flow on from National Scrapbooking Day @ The Scrapbook Outlet. I looked through my first album & have always loved these photos of Katya so I decided to re-scrap them. I had to scan in the photos cause I didn't want to look through all my negatives (digital is sooo much easier). Once in my computer I played around with them - lifting the colours for 'the blanket' and removing colour apart from Katya in 'fairy'. It was a great challenge - thanks Rach! & I find that in re-doing them my journaling takes a whole new direction & I feel it is much more meaningful - especially as back then (later part of 2003) any journaling was the 5 w's & an h or two - though the 'fairies' LO isn't a good example of that kind of journaling - I had used a quote feeling that the photos spoke enough of my cute daughters.

I'm looking forward to some bits arriving tomorrow -7 Gypsies, Bazzill & some Chatterbox (to help me decide to enter the make it meaningful competition) as well as some replacement Urban Lily - have used lots of the new ranges already.

Off to order some delish designs paint & a 'naked' book by delish for my MIM album! Jase has stuff on Saturday afternoon so I'll have an afternoon of scrapping I'm thinking.

Enjoy your weekends & Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there (hoping for pancakes & a coffee in Bed on Sunday Morning & am jealous that Trina's family does pancakes every Sunday - yum!). The bits I'm about to order will be my mothers day gift. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 08, 2006


Organised a 12 hour crop in Queenstown for NSD. Was great - a whole day for scrapping. My mum joined me for the morning. We had a constant supply of filter coffee & snacks (so many snacks I didn't need to go buy lunch or dinner!). I met some new people & others popped in just to see what we were doing - these LO's are some that I did. I also spent two hours showing some young women & some experienced scrappers how to make my handbags (shown in a previous post). I had done up some page kits which helped me to actually get something done. Mum completed her first Layout since a CM class a couple of years ago.
I had a go at this doodling thing (in the 'stuffed' Lo & used a little in the 'six feet'). Quite enjoyed it! I'm really pleased with how 'oh boy' turned out - much better than the first time I scrapped this photo (in a Lo called 'Wakatipu Boots') & the journaling is way better - more meaningful!
I'm doing Nic H's online class in a week and a half & am looking forward to it as it will be my first non CM class that i've 'attended' Hope I don't have any probs downloading software or getting to the site with time differences etc. Mum is also doing the class but on the Monday rather than Wednesday night.

Our Scrap Camp is moving along nicely with a great bunch of people coming - after Saturday I can't wait! A whole weekend (long because it's Queens Birthday Weekend) to scrap with some challenges and workshops thrown in. Have been collecting bits for the goodie bags & challenge prizes as has Nik so it's shaping up really well! I have a bag full of half page kits organised (just need to do my sketches & some need journaling) so I can get heaps done. Have a few more photos to get printed - as Digital max has half price enlargements leading up to Mothers Day!

I'm having trouble resisting all the stunning, delicious and beautiful papers and embellishments becoming avaliable at stores at the moment. I think scrapbooking needs to come with health (up all night scrapping) and finance (don't ask) warnings!

My first lot of DT work for the Scrapbook Outlet went up last Friday Night - such a releif to be able to post it - now onto next months work! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Jase

Feel like I'm on this computer waaaayyyy too much! But yet haven't been blogging much, nor visiting blogs eitheer! Anyway - yesterday was Jases birthday - check out the vase (about 50-60cm high) filled with vahlrona chocolate mousse & other yummy bits (the chef @ Waitiri made it for him). Check out Alicia's chocolate grin.

I put together these bags after checking one out in Scrapbook Creations - but made it mine with a few changes. Really like how these came out & hope to teach a few people on Saturday & our 12 hour Wakatipu Scrap 'n' Chat how to make them - have put together a couple of kits for making them. Loved scrunching up the patterned papers (the original instructions used fabric) - though was hesitant at the start! Playing with beads was heaps of fun too. The inside boasts a series of pockets made out of envelopes - kind of like a concertina folder. Love how the same design looks so different just by using different patterned papers!
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