Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorting stuff

Since mid March I have been clearing clutter from our home (I have been trying to clear it from my body too). About six big bags of stuff that we don't need has gone to the Sallies. About the same amount has gone into the bin. My room and wardrobe were first. I wasn't fitting many of my clothes (thankfully too big rather than too small) so it made sense to start here. Next the linen cupboard and then the games cupboard. I'm still working on the office/spare room/Exercycle/music room...finding it tricky to define this room...Yesterday was the plates, bowls, pots and plastics drawers. Today I did the pantry. So many spaces to go but it feels good to look at the cleared ones:-)

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Janine said...

Sounds like you have made great progress. I find it easier to do a room by room and the feeling you get afterwards is an amazing feeling.

Mike and I attacked our wardrobe and draws six weeks ago and it was great!! I liked the fact that someone else can get use out of what we let go.

We have one room left to sort through. We have a four week period to do this in as our new bed arrives then, and our exsisting bed will go in there so we can have a second spare guest room. :-)

I have free cycled some stuff and given some stuff to Mary Potter Hospice.

BTW I found our linen cupboard scary lol.....