Tuesday, June 13, 2006

title & 21 day 2

Here's the cover page I did last night. Don't think I'll be adding on white bits to too many more pictures. Enjoyed mixing up my foam stamps though (those delish paints are soo nice & creamy to use!).

I've also done day 2's challenge - playing with colour & patterned paper scraps - needed some 'vibrancy' after my muted cover & day one challenge page.

As I think about this quote - there's a lot I can take from it. It's not about our past, it's about our future! Why worry about finding the me that once was but embrace the now & look forward! We can't go back only forward!

Have enjoyed checking out some other 21 day challenge pages - thanks for sharing these everyone & thanks for the comments too!

I now have to go & do my housework & get myself prepped for facilitating a celebrating cutlure workshop for Playcentre tomorrow before crawling into bed. Posted by Picasa


Melissa Runcie said...

I'm doing the challenge, too. Really enjoyed your pages. Love your doodling!!!

Onas said...

Beautiful love all the colours just done my journalling for Day 2 really need to tyr different things and stop being so conservative.

Lu said...

Wonderful. Love what you have done so far.

Donna said...

Your art journal is looking great. Lots of fun, I'll bet. Just don't have the time this time around but down the track, I'd love to do this.
PS - just trying to think up some exquisite coffee & choc creation for you!! LOL.

karen said...

you are inspirational! I am still behind but trying to do my bit!!
not sure I want to post my work each day but be assured I am making art each day :)

susan j said...

I am loving looking at your challenge entries. They are fantastic. Very inspiring.