Tuesday, June 20, 2006

shiny sink 101

We brought flylady back to our house on Sunday night. Here is my sink getting filled with hot water - before I added a cup of bleach and letting it soak for an hour, scrubbing it with chemco & steelo & shining it with window cleaner - it looks fantastic - thanks fly lady!

Had my eldest dd's 6th birthday today! Lots of young people at a party, great food, games & good company. Went well thanks to dh & MIL who spent a lot of time setting up & getting food ready while I was at work this morning.

Huge congrats to my friends who had their second baby this morning (Ali & Charlie have the same birthday!) & to Taite who is now a big brother - you were great when you stayed with us last night - we enjoyed your company Taite now you have to look after your wee brother!

I have decided that 7 people staying in a 2 1/2 bedroomed house (the half is walked through to get to our room) is a tight squeeze. My MIL & Taite stayed last night so we had a bit of a room shuffle - we managed - but I'm pleased we only have three children!

Yesterday's quote for the {21} challenge was great & I have a fantastic photo for it - just need the time space to do it. This is perfect when today was the coldest day we've had so far - sometimes wonder if we ever had summer! I noticed icicles clinging to a bank on the roadside on my way home from Playcentre this afternoon - @ 1pm! Sunlight gives us vitamin D & this somehow helps our state of mind & positivity - there are some sort of links with lack of sunlight & depression - so stay in the sunlight!!! Posted by Picasa


karen said...

Welcome back to flylady.
You're doing well keeping up with everything Lara!

Twobees said...

Way to go on Flylady Lara. I intend on going there when we finally move. Brrr icicles at 1pm, sounds like a nice day to be home in front of the roaring fire with a hot cup of milo.

Angela said...

Flylady really does help you organized and into a routine. Good luck with it!