Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Winter Fest

If not now, when? Rhonna asks!
There's lots that I can't say when to, with three young children & an income that will only go so far things have to be prioritised! I want to get back boarding on the mountains that I see every morning on the way to work & when I look out the window @ home - but then I'd need a baby sitter, a board, lift pass.... One day! Things like spending time with my children can be 'now' rather than 'when'? I guess I have dreams but reality kicks in at the moment and maybe in 2, 5, 10 years things might be different and my

dreams can be realised, till then though, I'm happy!

My middle daughter is nuts - check out the bare legs in the snow - she didn't complain about the cold once! Not like the other two whom J & I took to Mardi Gras in Qtown tonight - "I'm cold" "I wanna go to the car now" "Can I have candy fluff?". K is at Granny & Pa's having a great time being an only daughter!

We went on a Playcentre trip up the gondolas - hence the scenic pics & the view from the gondola looking over Queenstown & the lakes & Mountains - I'm soo lucky to live here! Despite the -6 I recorded driving out the driveway this morning the beauty of this area is simply breathtaking & I hope I never loose that sense of wonder in this awesome creation around me!

Ali is playing the fool with the goggles - she's hanging out for swimming lessons @ Moana pool in Dunedin next week hence trying on the goggles.

Have heaps to get on with this week! & all my nights are full up! Looking forward to the cyber crop on Friday Night! Check out the forum at the Scrapbook Outlet & register your interest. There's only a few days of the month left to enter LO's with blurry photos for the monthly competition. Posted by Picasa


karen said...

good to see you back blogging after a chilly birthday party weekend
love the blue goggles!

Michelle said...

You are so lucky to live so close to the snow....though in saying that I really loth the cold mornings we are having in my part of the world...and its no were close to being cold enough for it to snow lol!!!!

Can't wait for the Cyber Crop on Friday night...I just have to remember to turn on the heater in my scrap room a couple of hours before it starts so that I don't freeze to death.

Take care

Lisa said...

wow Lara, where you live is definitely a picture of beauty, despite the colder weather yes you are very lucky and its nice to hear you appreciate your surroundings, NZ is a beautiful country, you're right! :)

Ruth said...

You are so right about living in the now and sometimes it is easy to lose sight of that. Love the photos. And love the Moana pools, they always remind me of our family Christmases in Dunedin as my aunt used to live just up the hill from the pools.

Chris Millar said...

Cool photos Lara! And how crazy is your daughter with her bare legs in the snow!!?

Sandra said...

I guess it's easy for me to say the snow looks so beautiful when I'm not living with the inconveniece of all it brings....cold, powercuts, cold, icy roads, cold etc
....it does look so beautiful tho!!!
Looking forward to the cybercrop too.

Hannah said...

My hubby misses snowboarding too! It is so much harder with kiddliwinks on the scene. Plus we have to drive to get to the mountain. You are so very blessed to live in such a beautiful part of NZ!! We just love Q, went their on our honeymoon so it is very special to us. Great pictures!

Twobees said...

Ohh those cold legs Lara. Your daughter must be made of steel. Makes me cold just looking at the photo. Tiss cold though isn't it. Hope the swimming lessons went well :) Take care