Wednesday, June 07, 2006


OK Karen - here's my stamp! I have done a different design to the RAK one just incase the monster one day feels guilty & returns it!

Cath was fantastic to work with - drew my design, scanned it & emailed the image off within the week back comes a rubber stamp (the sort you attach to mounting blocks) all ready for use! Soo cool!

My stamping skills are in development but you get the picture. Luckily Lynley left her heat gun @ scrapcamp (cause I borrowed it) & I was able to have a go @ embossing my name.

still really tired - think I'm coming down with this horrible cold my children have got - they are in different phases of loosing their voices & are tired & grumpy (Jase would probably say I was always getting sick if these were the only symptoms) but at least my headache is fading.

Looking forward to my scrapneeds class with Chris Millar on Saturday night - love these online classes for the LSS challenged like me! Posted by Picasa


karen said...

Lara I love it! Now I *need* details ... what are the dimensions? And how 'fat' are your lines ... I think I might go for the stamp option for my glass door!

Lisa said...

love the layouts you did at scrapcamp, neat rubber stamp to Lara, thanks for the tip on reading the camera manual, something I never do, even when its new!!!

Trina said...

Wow Lara, that is sooooo cool.

Janine said...

Love ya stamp Lara! Very funky!

Chris Millar said...

Yay, you finally have a stamp Lara!!!LOL Have been checking out all your layouts on your blog, gorgeous! See you tonight for class!!!!