Friday, June 23, 2006


There's something about six - it's soo grown up. We had a fun party with lots of young children - treasure hunts, chocolate games & pass the parcel.

The 21 Challenge - have been plodding away at this. Using the quotes as inspiration for journaling. They have challenged me to think of what my dreams actually are, the choices I have, what difficulties & challenges can mean if viewed right & used appropriately for growth and about using words creatively and the importance of journaling my thoughts.

A couple of things - check out the cyber crop in the forum at the Scrapbook Outlet.
There's also a couple of challenges happening there - a weekly one (scrap your summer pics) for a SOS kit & blurry pics for the June comp.

Huge Congrats to Beverly for the design comp @ memories-revisited.

& have a go at the June comp @ Scrapbook Essentials.

Big weekend down here - Winter Fest opening tonight - too cold to take the children out to watch what would have been stunning fire works - Jase is @ Youth group so didn't want to take all three on my own at night time. We have the Parade tomorrow so have to be off bright & early to dress the Playcentre float - it's Queenstown Playcentre's 50th birthday so we are doing a 'happy birthday' float in celebration. I'm so not into public displays but if we want grants & funding we need to have a 'face' in community events! I'll be donning the thermals though only saying -3 tonight rather than -5 so might not be soo bad - the weather report said the frost should go around midday!!!!! Posted by Picasa


Donna said...

6 is a special age! It goes all too fast!! Was dad responsible for the stylish cake?
Hope you don't freeze at the parade today! Thankfully the weather has improved to a sunny day here [out of the wind].

Onas said...


Trina said...

I remember kayaking in winter while it was snowing and thinking yep, there is a difference between 5-7 layers of thermals! Hope it gets a bit warmer for you soon.

Sandra said...

I know it's cold but it must be beautiful down there at the moment.
Can't wait for the cybercrop. I hope to get some scrapping done and not procrastinate.

karen said...

Forgot to comment the other day when I saw your latest post (bad Karen!! LOL)
Thanks for all the links to check out (don't forget to update the link in your post to 21 challenge ... ... I admire you for keeping up with everything that's going on!!

Mel said...

As the mother of a six year old I really think that six marks the passing of one phase (even though they go to school when they turn 5 it's takes til 6 for me to condifer them to be truly a school kid). As AA Milne said "So I think I'll be six now forever and ever".

Mands Haynes said...

Hey Lara! I've got a huge lot of Crossed Paths at a give-away price for a church group. do you want to email me about it if you are interested???
Freezing here too!

Beverley said...

Hey Lara, thanks for the congrats about Memories Revisited - actually I think I probably found the site through you - so thanks for that! And if you don't want those crossed paths that Mands mentioned I've know a church group that would be interested!