Monday, September 24, 2007

disco season

& they are such posers!!!!!!

I had fun spraying their hair purple & putting glitter through it - as well as twisting it up & grabbing some scrapping ribbons to tie in their hair! Term 3 is over & I have just under 2 weeks of mornings ahead of me with no firm committments :-)

We are moving at the end of October (finally bought a house) which is exciting but there's so much to happen before then. Jase almost has a chef which will releive him of kitchen duties and free him up for his mums 60th in Chch over labour weekend as well as making my trip to SENZ much easier to manage!

paying it forward... I think the email address might have been wrong as I haven't got an email from you both, but think I have them somewhere so will try to email you, otherwise flick me one at scrappykea 'at'

Better stop procrastinating & get the washing sorted.
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Hannah said...

They're so cute!! Love their purple hair!

Congrats on the new house, sounds very exciting. Enjoy your 2 weeks of "no commitment" ... I'm looking forward to spending more time with Ethan in the hols, but also worrying about when I will get my work done!! :-0

Penny said...

Cuties! Very exciting about the new house :)

Janine said...

oh they look adorable those disco queens!! Whoo hoo on buying a house thats so exciting!! COngrats!!!! will email you at the xtra addy!

Jenny said...

They look so cute, Lara

Donna said...

So cute!
Hope the packing's going ok??

Mel said...

Cute photos - and cute hair. I've always been useless at hair (despite coming from a family of girls and having a daughter myself!)

Mel said...

Oh and hope the move goes well - very exciting!