Friday, March 17, 2006

Paddock Cricket @ Waitiri

Jase called me up at Playcentre yesterday & suggested I head out for their Paddock Cricket Fundraiser lunch. I went out, knowing fully that it was because he wanted some pictures! The BBQ was great - met some fascinating people & sat in the sun watching cricket for an hour - the Waitiri team playing the radio station team. The whole event raised $18,000.00 for a local family who have a child that was diagnosed with Leukaemia just before Christmas. I had to leave to pick Alicia up from school. I'm now looking forward to a long weekend - Otago Anniversary Day on Monday, though Jase is working on Saturday & Sunday - I'm heading out of here on Monday - the company of another scrapper beckons!

Man - I'm so proud of me - just figured out how to put in the URLs!

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Becky said...

So does that mean you are scrappin all Monday?? I'm so jealous!

Wow! 18k, that's great!

Rach H said...

WOW its so dry looking there.
yay for you getting some time for yourself. Enjoy it.
Ok show off how do you link like that? I was only asking that in my blog today.

Donna said...

It is looking very dry there. What a fun day. Have a great long weekend.

karen said...

congrats on the new tricks!!
have a lovely Monday Otago holiday

Lisa said...

Lucky Public Holiday on Monday, Auckland, we expect to see heaps of layouts next week!! :)