Thursday, October 02, 2008


"can you take a photo of us doing a pose mum?" I did.
I downloaded picasa 3 the other day. love it. has text on photo options and scratch repair too! cool. free.

a note about the hens at the farm... we don't live on a farm but in a built up area and on a average but smalish section... we have 3 hens in our back yard with a cool henhouse that my dad built us for Christmas last year. After school they get to roam free in the back yard. Townie hens.

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Hannah said...

But what cute little posers they are! Can see that pic on an upcoming LO ;-)

Angel Gurl said...

love that background too, and don't they look adorable.

Jenny said...

I saw your title and thought you were talking about my scrapping!! They look great posing like that

Penny said...

and that is the title for that LO hannah mentioned ;)
hee hee.

Niella said...

Cute posers Lara! Love how our children ask things like that:) Supa sweet lil' faces.

Ooooh Picasa 3!! I'm there.

Vicky said...

They look so grown up!!!! Kaya does that too... 'take a photo of this face mama'

Twobees said...

Awesome photo Lara. How long will it be before they say "get that camera out of her mum, NOOOOOWWW" LOL.
Hope everything is going well for SENZ :)