Monday, October 13, 2008


So, back home from SENZ... got in last night then back into school days this morning.
Loved meeting so many creative and interesting people over the weekend as well as Design Team members who I only knew online for the last year or more. Thank you also to Andrea and Leith for the opportunity to be a part of SENZ 08. Hope unpacking those pallets isn't so daunting that you just don't do it... Nik... once again your energy was amazing not to mention your management skills. awesome. There were some other helpers which made the weekend much smoother too... Raewyn & Jenny, thank you!

Teaching Fast & Fabulous... what a fantastic group of ladies who got stuck in even with bossy teachers!

so not used to railways. fun.

just a little photography between the lodge and the racecourse (just couldn't help myself)

fast & fab tutors. love team teaching.

I have a few more photos... but blogger would only do these 4 at this stage. might add some more later.
I've heard rumours about Auckland and Dunedin for SENZ 09... wonder how true they will turn out to be...
OK. need to read up on some property stuff for a meeting tomorrow afternoon.
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Niella said...

Looks like you had soooo much fun!! So good to see photos:)

Penny said...

love seeing these photos Lara :)

kiwimich said...

Fingers crossed for Dunedin next year!!! Hehehehe - no travel or accommodation costs - so lots more money for shopping?!

Vicky said...

How cute are we! LOL