Thursday, July 27, 2006

some scrappy stuff

Here's my photo sorting - all in LO piles. I then look @ the 'groups' of pics & do my journaling on wee cards, then it's all ready for me to look @ the photos & think about the journaling & the message I want to convey when I choose the bits to go with them.

Now I got home from work on Tuesday & there was not one but two boxes @ my door. one was my dt stuff for The Scrapbook Outlet for August & the other was a box full of Tarisota goodies. I usually only get the ribbons & this was a fantastic surprize from Tamar. It was soo stunning that I have now signed up for 'I want it all'!

Now Jase would try to tell you that he doesn't like scrapbooking - but what's this - some CS, Brads, my cutting mat & paper piercer - & Jase!!! Ok so he wasn't scrapping but making menu holders for Waitiri - oh the places that you can find scrapbooking useful! Posted by Picasa


karen said...

Laughing at Jase with the scrapbooking tools ... on Monday Ken was asking me where I'd put my cutting mat and craft knife ... and was this chipboard *spare*???
Love to see what you do with your scrapbooking goodies: love your photo organisation skills!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Lara, all that yummy stuff have fun with it all. Don't forget to share your gorgeous creations.

Best Wihes

Andrea B said...

LOL ... love your photo organisation, definatly better than mine! I also can't wait to see what you create with all that Taisota stuff, it looks amazing!

Ruth said...

Love how you sort your photos and do the journalling too. I wonder if I could adopt that? lol at Jase

Donna said...

You are way too organised! Think I can take a lesson!
I have to race DH to open the pizza boxes now!! He hasn't started using them though. Bad enough with DD into my stash!!!

Shani Kowalczyk said...

Loving the hubbies pretending to not get into our special my DH calls it....LOL But given the chance they love to have a touch and feel of the tools and bits on the desk....they are closet scrappers :-)

Nicole Rayner said...

All your new goodies, I bet you will have fun with those. You sort your photos like I do.LOL... Its so much easier, isnt it?

Sandra said...

What a great way to sort your photos Lara. Might have to try copying that. Mine are in a big mess (or all still on the 'puter)
Am encouraging my DH to try digiscrapping, if he ever gets the time.

Mel said...

I so laughed at Jase with all your stuff. Darryn,too, has been known to filch some scrapping things 'for work' (though he'd never be caught dead scrapping!)