Saturday, April 22, 2006


Patties! With aoli, a squeeze of lemon & in a slice of bread, not my cup of tea but Ali, Kat, Eth & Granny gobbled them down, Granny & I had a double flat trim white to go with it!
We wandered the stalls, looked at all the different crafts & produce for sale. Granny got some handmade chocolate truffles, some cheese sticks & an almond shortbread that she brought back to the house. We went back later to watch the parade -might share some pics of that another time. The whitebait however is the highlight of Autumn Festival for these children - they loved them last year & a sausage & bread just wouldn't cut it!

On the stamp front - it's gone!!!!!! I eagerly went to use it when the children were in bed (not sure that ink + mr 3 + miss 4 go well together) & it has vanished. Not sure that any expletives would actually summarise how frustrated this makes me feel! Hate loosing anything, let alone a 'gift' & one that I hadn't played with yet - sorry Karen, will keep looking for it & post something when I've played. Liked it so much though that I think I'll get one for my sister & sister-in-laws birthday's that are coming up in May (if mine doesn't turn up I'll have to order another too). Check out Stamp Search With Cath for info. It was (and hopefully still is) a fantastic personalised stamp! Posted by Picasa


Donna said...

Yum, we had whitebait fritters, courtesy of MIl this week! The kids call them Nana's special scrambled eggs!!
Hope your stamp turns up. It will when you least expect it. I know how frustrating that is!!!

Ruth said...

I do hope your stamp turns up, bummer you never even had the cahnce to use it yet. :-(
Love all the sneak pics down in last posts, very cool snippets.

Delys said...

Yummooo! Im drooling here! Im gonna do a bit of whitebaiting when we get to our new farm...tidal river just over the back of our house and my Mum has said she will lend me her nets..drool! drool!
What a pain about the stamp...just when you had the time to play too!!Hope you find it soon.

karen said...

Hi Lara, Do hope you find that stamp! I looked on the website at sizes and prices ... what size did you have made? Can't wait to see ... when you re-discover it!!

Lara said...

the cost of mine was about $11.00 Au. Not sure of the exact size.

Trina said...

Ooooo, big bummer about the stamp. I've discovered recently the same thing. Now all my paint, ink and stamp type stuff is put in the MIDDLE of the table. LOL.

As for whitebait. Don't say it too loud or you'll have DH on your doorstep. LOL.

Kirsty said...

Hi Lara, I've been blog hopping around & enjoyed reading your blog, so thought I'd say Hi! I see you've completed & sent your A-Z album. Well done. I spent all Easter & a few days after burning all bridges to complete mine & am pleased to say have sent mine off too. Isn't it enormously satisfying to have a completed album of 26 pages? I'm not expecting anything but just the fun of submitting into a competition. Good luck !!
ps - that stamp sounded pretty cool. Hope it has turned up.

Lisa said...

Its been a while since I've been checking out blogs! I've had much to catch up on. I like your sneak previews can't wait to see the whole pics. Sounds like you've had a great week with all sorts of surprises!

Mel said...