Thursday, April 20, 2006

funky pants

In my mailbox I found a parcel - addressed to Ethan & myself. Vicky made him these way cool pants. He put them on straight away - no holding back! They are fantastic VickyPosted by Picasa


Becky said...

CUTE pants! I love that kind of mail :)

Donna said...

Very cool. Love those sneaky peeks! What about a full show?

dallas said...

Congratulations on finishing! That must be a huge sense of achievment in itself! Sneaky peeks look awesome! Mail that comes in any form other than with windows is great mail!

(BTW - my camera is just a Linux - it sometimes takes some great shots, but I'm hanging out for a Canon Rebel!)

Rach H said...

oohhh very funky pants!!!!
hey love your sneak peeks + congrats for finishing it!!!