Sunday, November 28, 2010

who knew...

this making of bath and beauty products could be so consuming?  After Janines workshop last weekend I have made my family try out different products and ideas, they haven't complained... much.

Today we tried a chocolate bath milk.  Ethan actually tasted it, it did smell tasty but I didn't like the fact that I had to clean the chocolate residue from the bath afterwards, the other bath milks haven't been a problem nor the bath salts.  A hot day today meant that the peppermint foot soak went down a treat and each family member sports their very own lip balm - chocolate, orange, rose and peppermint, all a little different, trying out different oils and sweeteners.

We have been trailing Wendyl's liquid hand soap this week and so far it's all good.  Playing with a linen spray idea.

Next challenge is to have a go at making bath bombs and some castile soap.

All good, but I really should be writing school reports...some things are a bit more interesting...


Janine said...

sounds like you have been having some fun Lara. Yeah, the chocolate one is messy. We made one in class and my class mates had tried it out and said messy very messy, so I decided not to use the smell but the mess nope....not so much.

I made a version of handsoap for my final assignment, mine is pretty liquidy....which has taken some getting used too.

Love love lip balms and there are so many differen't ones you can make.

kiwimich said...

I had a nice long soak in a bath last night with my vanilla fizzy bath salts! Going to make some time after christmas to have a play with the other recipes some more!