Saturday, November 06, 2010

Bop It

Four kids here taking turns with it.
Stayed with friends last weekend and their family enjoyed playing the did we and a shopping expedition last night saw us coming home with it.  
Different game options...solo, pass it & party as well as different levels you can unlock...
The party game reminds me a little of hackey sack games when at uni.
Miss 10 asked if we can play it with the whole family tonight.
What games do you play as a family or do you remember playing as a kid with the whole family?


Janine said...

what a blast from the past, my folks have "bop it" they got it has a xmas present about 8 or 9 years ago. It is hours of fun as you now. Family games was uno, monoply and ludo and snakes and ladders and battleships. I came from a family where we had a lot of board games and were encouraged to play them too. All of the above games I mentioned have special memories for me, because of some of the people I played them with.

Enjoy creating some new family memories with "bop it" Lara.

Anonymous said...

Jamie got Bop it for her birthday & we love playing it!
I grew up in a household where board games were always being played. We always got new games for Christmas.
My girls love playing board games to & I always try to get them a new one for birthday or xmas. Favourites at our place are Monopoly, Snap & Toss the Cookies.