Thursday, May 11, 2006


Rach set a challenge as a flow on from National Scrapbooking Day @ The Scrapbook Outlet. I looked through my first album & have always loved these photos of Katya so I decided to re-scrap them. I had to scan in the photos cause I didn't want to look through all my negatives (digital is sooo much easier). Once in my computer I played around with them - lifting the colours for 'the blanket' and removing colour apart from Katya in 'fairy'. It was a great challenge - thanks Rach! & I find that in re-doing them my journaling takes a whole new direction & I feel it is much more meaningful - especially as back then (later part of 2003) any journaling was the 5 w's & an h or two - though the 'fairies' LO isn't a good example of that kind of journaling - I had used a quote feeling that the photos spoke enough of my cute daughters.

I'm looking forward to some bits arriving tomorrow -7 Gypsies, Bazzill & some Chatterbox (to help me decide to enter the make it meaningful competition) as well as some replacement Urban Lily - have used lots of the new ranges already.

Off to order some delish designs paint & a 'naked' book by delish for my MIM album! Jase has stuff on Saturday afternoon so I'll have an afternoon of scrapping I'm thinking.

Enjoy your weekends & Happy Mothers Day to all you mums out there (hoping for pancakes & a coffee in Bed on Sunday Morning & am jealous that Trina's family does pancakes every Sunday - yum!). The bits I'm about to order will be my mothers day gift. Posted by Picasa


Ruth said...

They are gorgeous lo's. I am so stealing that big flower idea. lol
Seriously - I am!!

Twobees said...

Lara, what wonderful layots. Like Ruth I adore the big flower idea. Isn't it funny looking back on our old layouts that we thought were so good and comparing them to how we scrap them now. Just the type of pp that we can now get our hands on is lovely. I have only just looked in your blog so am off to explore it some more. Take care.
PS. I am busy working on my handbag album. Did one and decided I didn't like it so have done some things different. Will put is up in SO gallery when it is done. :)

Donna said...

I just love these redos as I've told you already. I just want to redo some of mine but I dare not go there!!
Lucky you - scrappy Mothers Day stuff! I know my 2 have been busy making things at Cubs & Pippins so that will be pretty special!!
Have a lovely scrappy day tomorrow. Weather here is only good for indoors ATM!!!!

Dianna said...

Really like your redos good that you are so upto date you can redo. I just sorted old photos today a whole shoe box full so wished I started scrapping when my children were young.
Thanks for the idea of the blanket LO hadn't thought of that my Arwen is a real blankie girl.

Twobees said...

Hey there Lara. Those tablets that I was talking about on my blog are CAA tablets. If you want you can email me or PM through SO and I can actually add your name to my list (I have about 1 week to do it) and you get a free bottle. Has 60 tablets and will last one person two months. (DH and I both take them.)

Anonymous said...

Hi Lara,

Your layouts are all gorgeous but I absolutely love the fairy layout, what you have done with the Urban Lily paper is just gorgeous, I hope, hope, hope you entered into the DT for UL.

All the best.

Trina said...

Wow, don't you just love going back and looking at your early works and then comparing to now! LOL. Love what you've done with the new LOs.

Mel said...

Lovely layouts. Adore the fairy one.

Happy Mother's Day to you, too. I'm off with 3 friends (all mothers) to a Ruth Pretty Cooking School class for the whole day - kind of weird not to be with the kids for Mother's Day but it was their (extravagant) gift to me. Can't wait.

dallas said...

redo's are gorgeous Lara! It's amazing how things (styles & how we scrap) change so much!
I was reading your comment on my blog about your dish cupboard - I remember way back, if I knew a friend was popping in for a visit, we'd stuff the dirty dishes into the oven LMAO, worked a treat until my flattie found it, and nearly died laughing, he told me it was an oven, not a dishwasher LOL

Mands Haynes said...

Some beautiful work there Lara! Love it....can't believe how much you are getting done. Wish I could say the same!
Will catch you tomorrow night in "class"....still trying to get some Wholy Cow rub-ons! Just emailed Scrapbook Outlet so hope they can fastpost me some today but not luck as yet...fingers crossed! Can't wait to see what everyone does