Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Nevis

We went into the Nevis this weekend.  A bit of a family history trip really.  My Great Grandad was raised in there.  His adoptive mum and dad ran the Nevis Boarding House.  We found out where it once stood - after we had passed the site, but we know for next time!  Mum & Dad came up from the farm for the weekend and we enjoyed their company - even if they didn't like the pull out sofa much.  We borrowed a 4WD from a friend of Jases and made our way in to Glenorchy (stopping at the cafe for a coffee) and then traveling through the Nevis.  Jase drove us well - even though mum was worried we'd get stuck in there and she had her sleeping bag with her!  Jase had even made our lunch and afternoon tea - Deluxe Bacon & Egg Pie and some Vanilla Custard Squares with lemon & coconut icing.  Yum.  There was lots to see and I wish I had my DSLR camera already to try to do justice to what we could see.  We exited near Garston and made our way back home.  Tired.  Happy.  Jase had a roast ready to just add the veges.  It was delicious!

I downloaded a trial version of Light Room to edit my photos and enjoyed what I did with them but I did the above ones in Picasa - easy integration with Blogger :-)
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Penny said...

you torture me with your mention of custard squares! ;-)