Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Tea Towel Swap

Janine set up a fun tea towel swap. We all need them, why not have ones that look good! I love the parcel that arrived at my house today, loved the packaging (I love doilies), loved the teatowels - yes two of them, not just one! and a cool tea cup and strainer chain too. Such nice treats to open. I promptly used the cup on my return from work.
Below is what I sent. It's our eating that creates I made a little 'afternoon delights' recipe book with a few of my favourite afternoon tea treats written in. I packaged it in baking paper and nested the gifts in a cake tin I picked up at the Salvation Army. I had to buy some sugar just so I could use the Pams sugar packaging for the recipe booklet.

Thanks heaps for a setting up a great swap Janine!
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Janine said...

That is freaking awesome Lara. I know Julie loved it as she sent me an email before she headed off to conference. Wow weeeeee. Glad you loved your wee parcel, and I must admit when I was wrapping the cup in multiudes of layers to prevent it from being broken, I was almost tempted to keep it. There is something nice about new cups.....Have fun using those tea towels. BTW I liked your thinking on having gorgeous tea towels and using nice things...made me look at things differently.

Mrs Frizz said...

And I so can't take photos of my goodies, cos I've devoured the choccie, oh well, never mind ... and mine weren't anywhere near as nicely wrapped as yours ... I used Christmas paper, thinking to myself, well it was just like Christmas, unwrapping goodies ... lol.

Lara said...

I would have eaten the chocolate too Michelle...even though I'm trying not to eat the sweet stuff, but that's a whole other blog. Christmas paper is such a cool idea. I love that we all had different takes on this swap!