Tuesday, February 19, 2008


ginormous slabs of the stuff... completely edible & if you like mushrroms... soo tasty!
Jase was given these to take home for his family, he did & we enjoyed them!

Away to my cousins wedding up North of Auckland
Haven't been back to Auckland for about 3 or 4 years... I've missed the shopping... & since the wedding is up Matakana way... I won't even get much shopping in (& there's the need for money for shopping too LOL). But finding something to wear that I like is the difficulty I have at the moment.

Continue to be busy with setting things up for the new year at Playcentre, organising a couple of weekend events and settling the girls into school too. Went out for lunch with Ethan last week & realised we won't be able to do this when he starts school on April 1st. We will have to have a 'date' in the weekends or school holidays instead.

Just over 2 weeks till Scrap Retreat South starts. Wee bit to do before then....

Anyone know how to get a 7 year old & a 6 year old girl to tidy & then keep their room tidy? Your suggestions gratefully received (housefairy has limited success due to their mother's inability to follow a 'program')
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Penny said...

YUM! love mushies.

Hannah said...

Slabs of fungi? Never seen them quite like that, but I do love mushrooms.

Have fun at the wedding, and hope you get some shopping in too!

Jenny said...

That's why it's been so quiet - you're out enjoying a wedding! Maybe collect up everything every night and don't give it back until?? And then keep doing it

Twobees said...

Had a little laugh when I saw the photo Lara. I wondered if we weren't scrapbookers, would we consider taking a photo of a sliced up mushroom? I love them too, remember when we were in Oamaru, picking two whole washing baskets full in one day. I froze them, dried them (unsuccessfully might I add). They are divine :)
Oh and sorry I can't help with the bedroom tidy thing. When you work it out, can you let me know please. :)

Karen L said...

They are some mushrooms - don't think I have ever seen them that big. Hope you had a great time away at the wedding too.