Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cyber Cropping

Had a fantastic time last night @ the SBO Cyber Crop!

Couldn't believe that we managed to produce 19 layouts before 11pm - lifting someone in the gallery! Stunning work - one person - go Paula - started @ 10:30pm and was finished by 10 to 11! My Layout to the left is a lift of Moniques Layout by the same title! That photo of my children is one that I have 3 copies of - so they can have one each in their albums - I now have 2 of the 3 layouts with it done - love photos like this for challenges - makes me do something different each time.

Grumpy Bum is my layout as an example for a sand it, paint it, clothe it challenge. I cut windows for the squares of fabric (clothing it) (thanks for the fabric Ali) which I then sewed in place (thanks to having my sewing maching back after mum got it fixed). I sanded the edge of the photo with a trusty emery board (don't have finger nails & it feels good to buy these for a purpose) over the edge of my work bench. I used paint for my good old foam stamps - was a bit to hasty & put the m in the wrong place so had to cut out some cs to cover my mistake & stamp the p in place. oops!

Bingo was a laugh - Donna got tired of typing! Vicky has set a challenge of using BG, cutting photos, using hand journaling, all with a theme of 'amazing'. Cut my photos last night, now have to work out which BG to use - I'd already journaled for these photos (my system) & it had 'amazing' in the journaling! perfect. I've seen one of Vicky's last scrapper standing for effer dares & I so want to copy it, maybe just parts then & give her the credit!

Shani's challenge is going to be a mission- not! - using 4 older patterned papers of which I seem to have a number of despite giving many away a couple of months ago!

To establish winners of the store credits we are having voting open for everyone - people are checking the gallery & sending me their fave! Can't wait to see who it will be! Check the forum for more info.

Better get some thinking on for these challenges... Posted by Picasa


karen said...

love your work Lara! can't believe so much got done between my last check-in and 11pm. I am determined to be a better participator (ie not sick with head-cold LOL) next time. so much fun!!
thanks for sharing ... I'll be checking the gallery later to add to the votes.

Sandra said...

Was great to get some more scrapping done...altho didn't converse much cos my computer kept closing down IE for some reason. It's fine today. Love the Grumpy bum layout. Were you one when you put the M in the wrong place??? Lol

Anonymous said...

I was after Sandra - how annoying!