Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Brussell Sprouts anyone?

Do you remember being forced to eat these? I can't, but I do remember not liking them. My girls loved them when @ Granny's last weekend. They asked for seconds. By the way, they love pumpkins, parsnips, beans, carrots, corn, brocolli & most other veg too! Posted by Picasa


karen said...

I'm not a fan (of brussel sprouts) .. but isn't it great to have a family so fond of so many vegetables.

Ruth said...

wow you're lucky having kids that will eat more than just potatoe, beans and carrots!

Nat-Mardon said...

They are definitely crazy!! LOL They are the WORST thinks in this world - really don't know what God was thinking! LOL!!

Was GREAT to meet you in SoF class tonight Lara. Just a pity that your time meant you had to leave early - looking forward to seeing your LO and hopefully having you in some of my classes in the future..

Take care, Nat :)