Wednesday, April 11, 2012

where 'deep cleaning' begins at our home

Sadly, I don't think I'm willing to share any 'before' photos, I didn't like living in the mess we had around us, my room was probably the worst.  Piles of 'stuff' hid the base of the bookshelves and unit in the photo directly below.  Our wardrobe was overflowing with clothes we didn't wear much or that didin't fit us our bathroom needed a 'deep clean' and we now have clear pahtways to and from our bed.  Best thing is we have kept it this way for a few weeks now.  I don't think I'm alone in this, another mum was posting on Facebook for some advice on how to get her kids to clean up and look after their stuff.  The first comment was that as parents we need to set the example.  I guess that's why I started on my room rather than other parts of the house.  I'm starting to like coming home again and not feeling disgusted in myself and my lack of housekeeping skills.
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Janine said...

What a great feeling of accomplishment that must be Lara. Looks fantastic. I bet you sleep better too?

At the start of Jan I had a bout of insomina. Partly it was the wind but I looked around and saw the mess in our room. We had a bed in a huge space upstairs and it didn't feel like a bedroom. It felt like a room with a bed in it and space to dump everything else.

So we changed upstairs around and moved our bed into the small bedroom off the large living area. There is only enough room for the bed and to walk around it to get into it. There is no option but to keep it clean.

But what I noticed is that I now sleep better again. With the huge living are we moved our dressers into that space and moved the gym gear that was downstairs in the conservatory up there. So now it is a home gym, where I can work out and watch TV while doing so or listen to music or play on the wii.

We now have proper defined spaces in the space upstairs. Until we can afford to renovate that space.

BTW thats what i love about china plates if ones breaks its no biggie I can buy something else. I loved mismatched China.