Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life - Friday

 So Friday started early.  Was awake so got up before my alarm went off.  Like my 'Bitter Sweet Chocolate' hair lots.  It was easier choosing what to wear today with my hair colour closer to normal.  My clothes went with it.  Had a cool chat with one of my students about why I went for black hair.  She wanted to know how I did it.  Poached egg on toast for breakfast on one of my favourite plates.   I drove the 'truck' to work again today - had to be selective where I parked as it doesn't have a very good turning circle.  I parked in front of the admin section with the Poutama pattern running up the wall. We had a 'Pod' meeting this morning to look at our inquiry planning for next week and beyond.  We 'brain stormed' some ideas on our hub whiteboard.  Our team leader was really thoughful and brought in a coffee for each of us and a muffin.  Since I'd had breakfast, I saved my muffin for a Friday morning tea treat.  It was yum.  Delicious ginger and white chocolate!  I was still feeling full at lunch time so just had my yoghurt, blueberries and LSA.   We explored 'The Lorax' in class today and then explored some more Dr Seuss' books and a Horton puzzle.  The kids really got into the story of the Lorax as some had seen it at the movies recently.  We will unpack this further next week after some of them wanted to act it out, draw it, create a scene of it or tell the story on photobooth.  Love how five year olds can get something and run with it.  I had to get home quick as with not having my car I couldn't take my three kids home in the truck - only seating for 3.  They got the bus and I had to get home at a similar time as them.  Got there only to find J home.  I grabbed the opportunity to go for a run around the estate getting back just in time for him to head off to cater for a doctors conference.  I have to serve the lunch for them tomorrow as he's at work which I'm a bit scared about.  When I went for a shower I found the bed still unmade.  J has been doing this as he gets up a good hour after me but he must have forgotten or run out of time this morning.  The kids had lamb pies for dinner and I had the soup I didn't eat at lunch time - spicy pumpkin.  I enjoyed the chance to catch up on reading some blogs. It got a bit cold so I turned on the heat pump.  I'm feeling nice and cosy now!  I did a bit of finding out about what I should be aiming to wear for a 'champagne and canape'  event to open a restaurant in town next Friday night.  I don't get the chance to dress up much.  It seems as if it needs to be a cockail dress of some description.  At 8ish it was time for a snack.  One of the girls has a friend staying over for the night so they made snacks too while J & E played car racing games on the x-box.
Just a usual Friday night in our house.
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