Monday, November 21, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Photos and story

Since going back to work full time photos and playing with fun papers has taken a back seat. I miss it. Nik put on a creative weekend recently and after procrastinating for about twelve hours i finally got creative (had to go shopping) and when Andrea arrived with her enticing Scrapbook Outlet goodies I was off!

 With snapfish recently offering unlimited prints for eleven cents, i took advantage of the offer and got some done. It's been a while. Often the excuse of not having the chance to edit the photos means i dont get them printed. This got me thinking about photos and why i take them. I love seeing amazing photos, I love creating amazing photos (rew and far between...). But really, it's about capturing the memory, the moment in time so does it matter if there isn't perfect composition, saturation or contrast?

 Then there's the camera thing, the good ones are really big and the lenses equally impressive. How can we capture the moment if we need to be lugging that thing around with us...maybe they are better saved for weddings, portraits, and kind of 'set-up' scenes? The good old compact cameras do a nice job for most things...but theres also the phone cameras. Wish i had some photos i had taken on my samsung to share, might have to dive into the old computer and see what i can find, but they can do ok prints. I have just had a wee wander around the internet and there have been many iPhone photorgrahy sites, blogs and flicker groups set up. Has anyone used these photos for telling their stories? What do they print like? I'm thinking that this could be a way easier way to do the photo a day thing or even to scrap a week in the life of...