Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in the Life - Saturday

Today wasn't a usual Saturday.  Firstly, I woke up early and got up early - 6:00am - for a Saturday it was early anyway.  The cats were keen to be fed and our Trusty Delivery was at the door - milk & vogels.  I had my usual flat white & poached egg on toast with cracked pepper.  The kids eventually got up and watched some Saturday morning tea.  Our overnight guest knew most of the theme songs.  very funny.  We headed into town as I wanted to go to the Salvation Army store to see if there was anything suitable to wear to an evening next Friday.  It wasn't open when we arrived so we went to Vudu for some hot chocolates.  While I was waiting for our order I met up with Julie who was my next door neighbour as I grew up (next door being 500m down the road - dairy farming community).  With hot drinks in hand we made our way back to the 'World Famous in New Zealand' Salvation Army store.  The kids were happy to sit outside and enjoy their drinks while I perused the shelves.  It was a successful visit.  I found a yellow skirt to use for 4Peaks days at school (like a house), another skirt suitable for work and a deep grey dress as a possible for wearing out on Friday night.  Love finding good clothes at good prices.  The kids had made a pile of Autumn leaves when I was in the shop and they took great delight in throwing them around.  A lady from another shop across the street saw them playing and came out to get photos too!  So cute.  We had to head to camp as I needed to serve lunch to a Christian Doctors Conference - J had to head to work for another function.  He had it all ready for heating and serving.  Love how capable he is in the kitchen - one of the ladies was saying the same thing (I have to say nice things about J because he reads my blog from time to time).  Lunch went without a hitch and after cleaning up the kids & I went to a local shopping area as I wanted to check out a few things - main focus being Friday night.  I was delighted however to bump into a lady I know working at North & South where I got a couple of things.  I tried on a nice dress...but too expensive when I'd paid $30ish for one already that will do the job if needed.  J met us there and took the kids into the warehouse while I checked out  some shoes and an electronics store to see the prices of a few things I am interested in.  J went to camp to get ready for dinner and the kids & I went home.  I proceeded to try on my purchases, then decided to try on my wedding dress - I haven't been able to do the buttons up along my bust line in the past.  There was room to spare this time.  Love that.  Its taking lots of work, but still like the results.  Watching Thor with J was our evening.
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