Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making Change Happen

Not only making changes in our home, but also in myself.  I guess this is really where the need to clean up our home environment has started.  Since December 12th 2011 I have been on a journey to better health and wellbeing through what I eat and what I do.  I began a workbook: Fat Chance, the no going back weight loss book.  Not much happened with weights or measurements for a few weeks but then the losses started, a few hundred grams a week.  When Week 6 of the workbook rolled around the loss really started.  I think my metabolism kicked into action maybe?  It took a while as I hadn't been a breakfast or lunch eater - often having a huge afternoon tea and dinner and that was it.  I have lost 14kgs now in total and am about halfway to where I need to be for a healthy weight.  I put these layouts together at the Pukerau Scrap Weekend as a way of documenting some of this journey.

Mum started this workbook too.
It was good to have company over summer as I started trying to move more.

Swimming was 'my thing' when I  was younger.  It felt good to be back in the pool earlier this year.  Sadly/happily my togs don't fit me anymore and I know I have more to loose so I don't want to pay for new ones that I hope to grow out of soon too, nor do I want to purchase any that are too tight with the idea that I will shrink into them.  Not a good look!

I can now run for 30 minutes without stopping.  I completed C25K last Friday and have continued the thrice weekly runs into this week.  

My plate fettish is getting a bit sad.  Today I picked up some other plates at the Sallies.  Love my mismatched dinnerset, it's so easy to add to it.

I am enjoying the process of 'Making Change Happen' in my body and my home.  
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KiwiMich said...

You're looking great Lara! You are making the most of the holidays with all that cleaning, clearing and organizing!

Julia said...

I'm so excited for you Lara.... Congrats on the weight-loss thus far!

Janine said...

great way to record the changes and well done on your journey to health and wellbeing thats awesome!!!

Beverley said...

Fabulous to see your record of making change happen ... gotta make some similar changes around here too ... have got the Fat chance workbook ... just gotta start using it!

Mel said...

You are a legend!

Mrs Frizz said...

oh wowser --- look at you ... awesome ... congratulations ... might have to look at this book myself.

And your creativity ... woo hoo ... fan-tab-u-lous.

Susan said...

Hi Lara, its Susan here, author of Fat Chance! I've just discovered your blog and absolutely delighted to read you are doing so well! Congratulations on losing 14kgs and changing your life! Well done!

Sally said...

Hi Lara! I'm (finally) just taking a look at these. The layouts are so cool. You're such an inspiration in so many ways. Well done you. x