Wednesday, April 29, 2009

sassa cards

Made these at Scrap Camp in Dunedin...had fun with the sassafrass.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


please note...this is a toy gun, no real weapons were used in this photo :-)
Not sure what to do with him!
He said he was just going to ride his bike ...this was after an early dinner (they were hungry after swimming lessons)
Barbara rang to say Ethan was there so we werem
t tp worry about him. He'd ridden Katya's bike around the Estate to visit Barbara. It was her birthday today.
He went to bed as soon as he arrived home.

On a more fun note....I'm looking forward to a wee package from Random Kits & Pieces after an email from this space!

& check out the new precious pages by Vicky & Trina! I have a couple more in the pipeline...just waiting on some finishing touches for them :-)

& apparently there's to be something for National Scrapbooking Day at Scrapbook Outlet this weekend, so check the forum :-)

&...Both Up2Scrap & Scrapbooking Innovation will be out soon, two NZ mags in one month. Yay!

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The End of the School Holidays

We spend the last week at Granny & Pa's place at Taieri Beach. Nice to be away. Nice to be away from the internet. Nice to be somewhere else. Nice.

Mum took us on the 'Seasider' train. It goes from Dunedin to Palmerston and back again. With Jases broken leg we got into one of the best carriages- it had a lift thing to get him on & off the train. the kids loved the tunnels (so did I) and on the way back I stayed out of the carriage - we were in the end one on the return journey so I had fun with the camera.

And coming home...these leaves near Cromwell were beautiful, the Poplars were all changing colour and there were some on the ground just waiting to be played in. My three happily obliged.

If you have read this far...well done :-)

I have RAK....but to get it... I want your ideas of what to call my stuff in the previous post....want a name that doesn't have 'scrap' in it and that isn't too girly but kind of says what stuff I sell - notebooks, cards, little photo things and some pencil cases (sewn), canvasses from time to time, everyday stationary - just pretty away with your suggestions and in a week or so if I love one I'll grab it & if not I'll keep thinking but pick one suggestion randomly for the RAK :-)

ok, Lara, do the washing!!!!
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Market Day

Sadly Lynley couldn't join me today as her dad is unwell :-(
Was up rather early this morning (i.e. didn't get to bed till when some people are getting up on dairy farms) getting everything completed, packaged, priced etc for today and the organisation paid off as setting up was easy and had lots of sales :-) These photos are courtesy of Miss 8 who helped me set up this morning.

Jase helped with the prep too and put these flowers together (as instructed).

Off to make dinner, need sleep.
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Monday, April 06, 2009

Scrap Camp Dunedin

Saturday lunch in the sun on the steps. stunning.
Thanks for a fabulous weekend Carol & Naomi.
Thanks for sitting beside me Naomi & Andrea.
Thanks for being the bestest roomie again Nik.
Andrea - well done on achieving 10...even if I am a hard task master (will Leith let you come again since you did some creating this time?)
Naomi - keep your photos to yourself and leave mine alone.
Sorry about the Sassa Andrea....was just too gorgeous
Julie B - loved watching you work and being inspired by your pages since you sat in front of me :-)

Janine & Beverley - was great to see you both again and all the way from Welly too.

I loved the weekend so trying to put something casually creative tegether to tie in with the opening of Winterfest in Queenstown at the end of June - check out the blog for info.

25 pages, 2 cards, great conversations, minimal sleep, cold shower, hot shower, company, a shop, brilliant.

oh, and Precious Page Kits have our first kits for sale...check the blog!
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