Sunday, June 27, 2010

Winter Fest Scrapping

Enjoyed the company of a few lovely ladies and once again enjoyed access to exciting products from SBO - thanks Andrea :-)
Lots of cosmo de lovely featuring in my pages as well as some yummy fancy pants ribbon. I am in need of some more 8 x 8 paper pads from October Afternoon so hope they produce another one soon! the 6 x 6 from Cosmo & Basic Grey are good but 8 x 8 is better. I found that using the 8 x 8 papers this weekend produces way less scraps! Would like more manufacturers to consider the 8 x 8 pads in their ranges.
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Homemade Cleaners

At harvest festival time my sister and mum were visiting and we happened to run out of laundry powder. She had picked up some washing soda from bin inn on the way through and we had some sunlight soap sitting in the my sister set to work making me some laundry's not really liquid, more a kind of gloop. But it works. Yesterday I made another batch armed with all the ingredients that Wendyl suggests in her recipe. Borax was the only thing I didn't really have on hand but the pharmacy supplied some. My sister doesn't use the borax in hers and it works but mum does and hers works too...for now I'll just follow the recipe. I have just made up some multipurpose spray using baking soda, lavendar oil and a little dish liquid. I am trying to sort out a place to keep the base ingredients handy for replenishing when I run out. So easy, so inexpensive and better for our family in relation to the chemicals found in the bought ones! Right back to cleaning up my cleaning products - getting rid of the empties...working out what delights to make next! Thanks Anna & thanks Wendyl!

Scrapbookers....I'm really hoping we can have enough interest and people keen to be involved in running a spring retreat in Queenstown because Janine is keen to run a workshop on natural beauty products with us - we would be able to give them as gifts afterwards if we could handle letting them go! Please register your interest in the retreat at the Scrap Retreat Blog and share any ideas/suggestions for this too. I really want to go to Janine's workshop but need the interest and involvement to make it happen!
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