Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in the Life - Sunday

Sunday.  Went for a run before the kids were up.  Nice sunny morning but the day turned a bit wet & wild with awesome thunder and lightening before clearing again.  The kids did some rollerblading before church.  The teaching at church was challenging.  That's good.  It was nice to chat with lots of people afterwards.  It's been a year since we lost one of our young men in a helicopter accident so spending time with his family was important today.  After church we did a grocery shop.  We got the obligatory chips for 'chip sandwiches' a favourite for our lunches, but since I have been taking care of what I eat and moving more this has not been a regular Sunday lunch like it used to.  Today we had our chips mixed in with lettuce, cheese and ham buns.  A little more nutritional.  I bought some corn fed chickens to roast for dinner.  J's eyes lit up at the prospect.  While we were enjoying our Sunday roast Tahi our cat had to be as close to it as possible.  He loves chicken.  While it was in the fridge he sat in front of it, just looking at the fridge.  In the afternoon I did a practise run for a project I video'd later on in the evening (see a post soon for further details).   K watched me intently and had a go just after making the project herself then A did it too.  J & I had an evening hot drink - he had liquorice tea, I had a decaf coffee in one of my fave coffee mugs.
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Janine said...

Enjoyed catching up on the last few days. I love op shopping and you found some awesome clothes :-)

I love licorice tea, I love blending tea leaves for a night time blend.

Love that you had a chat with a student about your hair colour and her interest in it.

Hey care to share some of the podcasts that you listen too? I downloaded some last week but would love to see what inspires you if you don't mind sharing.

Beverley said...

Have really enjoyed following your week in detail ... and impressed with your balance of work, family, keeping healthy ... and everything else!