Monday, April 23, 2012

A week in the life - Monday

I have thought about, planned to but never actually done this.  Today I started.  I was motivated when I saw this one on Facebook.  Loved the idea that she turned it into a real book and adore her summary pages.  A Facebook post by Ali reminded me to make a start this morning, of course her post was about it starting tomorrow, which of course was today for me.

Ali Edwards has details here.

I did try to encourage my girls (10 & 11) to do this too.  But they weren't keen.  Maybe if I do a good job this week they might do it next week?

23 April 2012
Today I had my 'everyday' breakfast - a poached egg on vogels with a flat white coffee.  I made lunch last night - spicy pumpkin soup, greek honey yoghurt and an apple.  The soup was delicious if I do say so myself.  I have 3 more bowls of it ready for the other three lunches this week.  Really need to find some containers I can freeze so my lunch isn't the same all week.  I made a piccolo latte to take with me to work, hence the photo of the keep cup.  I have been listening to some podcasts by health & wellness and they recommend the full fats rather than 'trim' stuff.  I'm seeing how it goes.  Idea is I just have less of it but they are 'good fats' for my body & brain.  I was on second half of lunch duty lakeside today.  Love the views we have at our school!  After school I enjoyed taking a few moments while dinner was cooking to have a flat white and read a book on my iPad.  The collage in picassa doubled the egg photos.  sorry.

I think about food a lot.  It's the only thing I really plan. Scary.  I actually ran again after 2 weeks.  It was good.  Miss 11 ran with me...I want to be able to run the 8km around Lake Hayes by the end of the term (10 weeks).  Tried to get Alicia join me on the challenge.  She's not sure.   
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Amazing scenery where we live.  The view of the Remarkables while on lunch duty. Miss 11 joining me while on duty. One of the parents offering and then putting my junior readers away when I was on CRT (classroom release time).  For CRT time to get 'stuff' done at school.
Favourite Moment...
Pressing the snooze button for the third time this morning because I had decided I wouldn't go for a run.  Nice.


Alisa said...

You need to win some heat and eat tupperware at the next scrapcamp. will tell claire to donate that next time.. lol

Im interested in the fat chance you talked about in a previous blog post. I have since seen it advertised in healthy food guide. Did you find it really informative?

Ive always wanted to try a week in the life. Maybe I will get motivated enough one day.

janine said...

great collage and insight into your day. Amazing what goes through ones head at times.
Congrats on running after a break.