Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life - Thursday

Thursday 26th April 2012
Usual start to the day with a flat white. Getting to school was a little different.  With my car deciding not to go was the 'truck' - a White Toyota Ute - only 4 gears - yep, manual and it has a 'choke' to help it start.  No power steering and the handbrake light stays on even when the handbrake is off.  I got there safely despite the work out I got driving the 10 minutes to school.  Hard going.  But I do love the sense of actually driving once again - the automatic, powersteering cars don't involve nearly so much satisfaction when you get to your destination.  Too easy!  The work day was long, teaching followed by an eLearning team meeting with the DP & Principal.  I finished at about 5:30pm.  I'd had to cancel some foils due to this meeting but was able to still get my hair cut at Crew.  I enjoyed a cup of 'crisp apple' tea between having my hair washed and getting it cut.  I love when they wash your hair, the scalp massage is so relaxing.  I popped into the supermarket on the way home - yes the truck and my work out.  I had to select my car park carefully and was pleased that it wasn't busy as there were spaces on either side - giving me extra backing room - useful with no powersteering.  I got some avocados, news paper, coffee beans, hot chocolate mix and some bitter sweet chocolate hair dye.  See, I got some foils in a couple of months ago.  I got lots of compliments on them but they aren't me so tonight I dyed my hair 'bitter sweet chocolate'.  After I got home I jumped on the exercycle for 30 minutes - wasn't going to get any moving in today if I didn't.  Then I had dinner - Jase had an old friend over earlier and he made a mushroom risotto from the delicious porchini mushrooms Hunter had collected and dehydrated for us.  I had it mixed with kale - some green goodness to balance out all the carbs.  I followed this with some rhubarb fool.

Today I am thankful that we had an extra vehicle at home so I wasn't stuck.  I am thankful that my first car was a manual one and I knew how to drive the truck without too much hassle.  I am thankful for scalp massages at the hands of hairdressers.
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Janine said...

yummmm at apple tea and being pampered at the hairdressers, gotta love a scalp massage.

Sounds like a long but productive day. Oh love the name of that hair colour