Monday, April 30, 2012

Card Folio Tutorial

I have wanted to have a go at making a video tutorial for quite a while.  Today I gave it a go.  We have a school cluster wide 'Movie Making' competition this year so I need to use the skills I want the kids to learn.  Killing two birds with one stone.   The project is one I worked on about 3 years ago, and one I have repeated a few times since. 
 I decided I was a bit mad for deciding to do it but I charged up the flip video, got out my gorilla pod thingy for it (as I write this I wonder why I didn't use the big tripod - I wouldn't have needed to put the chair on the table...oh well, maybe next time - if there is a next time!).  I said 'umm' way too many times and not sure I like hearing my own voice.  Here goes if you are interested...

Card Folio

I have put together a little project for those of you who want something quick & easy to do – it could be the perfect gift for a birthday, mothers day, teachers gift, to say thank you, or maybe something nice for yourself...

 My materials were purchased from Scrapbook Outlet and my Stampin Up demonstrator. Here's a link to the beautiful 'Authentique' paper I used.

You will need:
  • a 12 x 12 inch piece of heavy double sided patterned paper that you like
  • 3 x A4 Sheets of card suitable for making into 6 note cards
  • 6 x C6 envelopes
  • approximately 50cm of ribbon that co-ordinates with your patterned paper
  • a collection of small patterned paper scraps
  • basic tools e.g. adhesive such as double sided tape or white glue, black ink pad, scissors, a paper trimmer and a ruler (you could use the measurements on your trimmer)
  • sentiments stamps (happy birthday, get well, thank you...)

    And now for the video... 
    The materials:
    *omitted to say that you will also need some kind of glue or adhesive

    The Workshop: 
     Hope this gave you some ideas :-)

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Week in the Life - Sunday

Sunday.  Went for a run before the kids were up.  Nice sunny morning but the day turned a bit wet & wild with awesome thunder and lightening before clearing again.  The kids did some rollerblading before church.  The teaching at church was challenging.  That's good.  It was nice to chat with lots of people afterwards.  It's been a year since we lost one of our young men in a helicopter accident so spending time with his family was important today.  After church we did a grocery shop.  We got the obligatory chips for 'chip sandwiches' a favourite for our lunches, but since I have been taking care of what I eat and moving more this has not been a regular Sunday lunch like it used to.  Today we had our chips mixed in with lettuce, cheese and ham buns.  A little more nutritional.  I bought some corn fed chickens to roast for dinner.  J's eyes lit up at the prospect.  While we were enjoying our Sunday roast Tahi our cat had to be as close to it as possible.  He loves chicken.  While it was in the fridge he sat in front of it, just looking at the fridge.  In the afternoon I did a practise run for a project I video'd later on in the evening (see a post soon for further details).   K watched me intently and had a go just after making the project herself then A did it too.  J & I had an evening hot drink - he had liquorice tea, I had a decaf coffee in one of my fave coffee mugs.
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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week in the Life - Saturday

Today wasn't a usual Saturday.  Firstly, I woke up early and got up early - 6:00am - for a Saturday it was early anyway.  The cats were keen to be fed and our Trusty Delivery was at the door - milk & vogels.  I had my usual flat white & poached egg on toast with cracked pepper.  The kids eventually got up and watched some Saturday morning tea.  Our overnight guest knew most of the theme songs.  very funny.  We headed into town as I wanted to go to the Salvation Army store to see if there was anything suitable to wear to an evening next Friday.  It wasn't open when we arrived so we went to Vudu for some hot chocolates.  While I was waiting for our order I met up with Julie who was my next door neighbour as I grew up (next door being 500m down the road - dairy farming community).  With hot drinks in hand we made our way back to the 'World Famous in New Zealand' Salvation Army store.  The kids were happy to sit outside and enjoy their drinks while I perused the shelves.  It was a successful visit.  I found a yellow skirt to use for 4Peaks days at school (like a house), another skirt suitable for work and a deep grey dress as a possible for wearing out on Friday night.  Love finding good clothes at good prices.  The kids had made a pile of Autumn leaves when I was in the shop and they took great delight in throwing them around.  A lady from another shop across the street saw them playing and came out to get photos too!  So cute.  We had to head to camp as I needed to serve lunch to a Christian Doctors Conference - J had to head to work for another function.  He had it all ready for heating and serving.  Love how capable he is in the kitchen - one of the ladies was saying the same thing (I have to say nice things about J because he reads my blog from time to time).  Lunch went without a hitch and after cleaning up the kids & I went to a local shopping area as I wanted to check out a few things - main focus being Friday night.  I was delighted however to bump into a lady I know working at North & South where I got a couple of things.  I tried on a nice dress...but too expensive when I'd paid $30ish for one already that will do the job if needed.  J met us there and took the kids into the warehouse while I checked out  some shoes and an electronics store to see the prices of a few things I am interested in.  J went to camp to get ready for dinner and the kids & I went home.  I proceeded to try on my purchases, then decided to try on my wedding dress - I haven't been able to do the buttons up along my bust line in the past.  There was room to spare this time.  Love that.  Its taking lots of work, but still like the results.  Watching Thor with J was our evening.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Week in the Life - Friday

 So Friday started early.  Was awake so got up before my alarm went off.  Like my 'Bitter Sweet Chocolate' hair lots.  It was easier choosing what to wear today with my hair colour closer to normal.  My clothes went with it.  Had a cool chat with one of my students about why I went for black hair.  She wanted to know how I did it.  Poached egg on toast for breakfast on one of my favourite plates.   I drove the 'truck' to work again today - had to be selective where I parked as it doesn't have a very good turning circle.  I parked in front of the admin section with the Poutama pattern running up the wall. We had a 'Pod' meeting this morning to look at our inquiry planning for next week and beyond.  We 'brain stormed' some ideas on our hub whiteboard.  Our team leader was really thoughful and brought in a coffee for each of us and a muffin.  Since I'd had breakfast, I saved my muffin for a Friday morning tea treat.  It was yum.  Delicious ginger and white chocolate!  I was still feeling full at lunch time so just had my yoghurt, blueberries and LSA.   We explored 'The Lorax' in class today and then explored some more Dr Seuss' books and a Horton puzzle.  The kids really got into the story of the Lorax as some had seen it at the movies recently.  We will unpack this further next week after some of them wanted to act it out, draw it, create a scene of it or tell the story on photobooth.  Love how five year olds can get something and run with it.  I had to get home quick as with not having my car I couldn't take my three kids home in the truck - only seating for 3.  They got the bus and I had to get home at a similar time as them.  Got there only to find J home.  I grabbed the opportunity to go for a run around the estate getting back just in time for him to head off to cater for a doctors conference.  I have to serve the lunch for them tomorrow as he's at work which I'm a bit scared about.  When I went for a shower I found the bed still unmade.  J has been doing this as he gets up a good hour after me but he must have forgotten or run out of time this morning.  The kids had lamb pies for dinner and I had the soup I didn't eat at lunch time - spicy pumpkin.  I enjoyed the chance to catch up on reading some blogs. It got a bit cold so I turned on the heat pump.  I'm feeling nice and cosy now!  I did a bit of finding out about what I should be aiming to wear for a 'champagne and canape'  event to open a restaurant in town next Friday night.  I don't get the chance to dress up much.  It seems as if it needs to be a cockail dress of some description.  At 8ish it was time for a snack.  One of the girls has a friend staying over for the night so they made snacks too while J & E played car racing games on the x-box.
Just a usual Friday night in our house.
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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Week in the Life - Thursday

Thursday 26th April 2012
Usual start to the day with a flat white. Getting to school was a little different.  With my car deciding not to go was the 'truck' - a White Toyota Ute - only 4 gears - yep, manual and it has a 'choke' to help it start.  No power steering and the handbrake light stays on even when the handbrake is off.  I got there safely despite the work out I got driving the 10 minutes to school.  Hard going.  But I do love the sense of actually driving once again - the automatic, powersteering cars don't involve nearly so much satisfaction when you get to your destination.  Too easy!  The work day was long, teaching followed by an eLearning team meeting with the DP & Principal.  I finished at about 5:30pm.  I'd had to cancel some foils due to this meeting but was able to still get my hair cut at Crew.  I enjoyed a cup of 'crisp apple' tea between having my hair washed and getting it cut.  I love when they wash your hair, the scalp massage is so relaxing.  I popped into the supermarket on the way home - yes the truck and my work out.  I had to select my car park carefully and was pleased that it wasn't busy as there were spaces on either side - giving me extra backing room - useful with no powersteering.  I got some avocados, news paper, coffee beans, hot chocolate mix and some bitter sweet chocolate hair dye.  See, I got some foils in a couple of months ago.  I got lots of compliments on them but they aren't me so tonight I dyed my hair 'bitter sweet chocolate'.  After I got home I jumped on the exercycle for 30 minutes - wasn't going to get any moving in today if I didn't.  Then I had dinner - Jase had an old friend over earlier and he made a mushroom risotto from the delicious porchini mushrooms Hunter had collected and dehydrated for us.  I had it mixed with kale - some green goodness to balance out all the carbs.  I followed this with some rhubarb fool.

Today I am thankful that we had an extra vehicle at home so I wasn't stuck.  I am thankful that my first car was a manual one and I knew how to drive the truck without too much hassle.  I am thankful for scalp massages at the hands of hairdressers.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A week in my life - Wednesday

Wednesday 25th April 2012
This morning I didn't have to get up early.  I got to sleep in a little.  When I did get up (about 7:30ish) it was our Trusty Delivery Morning - two cartons of milk and a pack of vogels.  I then had the job of sewing on some girl guide badges for Miss K in preparation for an ANZAC day parade.  For some reason we don't have dawn parades here.  I miss these, there was something special about getting up early in remembrance.  The girls were photographed by the ODT laying their poppies in remembrance for the fallen soldiers. The photographer took their names down.  I'll have to check the papers tomorrow to see if they have made the cut.  I spent some time this afternoon checking out DSLR cameras.  I figure I'll reach my 'healthy weight' range in the next 3 months and then I can get myself one as a reward.  I am thinking if I keep an eye out on prices and camera reviews I'll be well informed and get the best camera for me when I get there.  The youngest two and I went for a swim just before dinner time.  I swam 80 lengths.  It took 45 minutes, would like to take 5 minutes off that next time.  I didn't feel like I'd swam 2km so I think I can do it harder.  I daresay I'll feel it tonight though as I haven't been for a good 6 weeks...maybe an update on this tomorrow.  After dinner (burritos with paprika mince, brown rice, kale and salsa) the kids all got their jammies and gowns on and we walked around to the home of a family from church for bible study (hence the photo of the few street lights in the dark down the bottom, second from the left).  There were so many things I thought I would do today.  I haven't done them.   It means I have to do them in the weekend.

I checked out my google reader this afternoon and visited the blog of a friend who contracted Meningitis and has since been left blind, deaf and slowly regaining the ability to walk.  His faith and his message shared is so powerful.  One thing that affected me most was his talking about the amazing creation of our bodies.  How things all work together, how muscles, organs and our mind all affect each other.  He, the man who's body in many ways has let him down.  This is something I have been thinking about as I work towards looking after my body, thinking about what I put into it and what I can use it for.  It's deep.  And some things shouldn't be taken for granted.  But we do.  I need to be more thankful. 

Memorable moments...
While I was madly sewing on Miss K's girl guide badges when we should have been on our way to the Memorial Gates I was thinking that A would have sewn her daughters ones on the night she came home with them from Girl Guides.  However, when we got to the memorial gates I smiled when I saw that her daughters badges were only pinned on.  Maybe I'm not such a bad mum.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Walk #25

Hmm, I have quite a few walks to catch up on to get to my 'hundred walks' before the end of 2012.  I went into this all good and positive...but then I started running so the walking didn't have the same appeal.  While at the beach over term break mum took us on this walk she'd heard about near the beach house.  We went up a gravel road a bit and found a gate with the walk information on it.  Loved all the hand made signs all along the way.  Kept it interesting.  Loved the track that had been created and formed by a real No.8 kind of person.  75 walks to go...
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A week in my life - Tuesday

Not so much about the food today, but the mundane side of family living - the dishwasher waiting to be emptied.  This morning I got out of bed just after 6.  Showered, dressed and made a flat white.  I then sat to read my bible while the rest of the house was still asleep.  I am reading Philippians at the moment.  At school we did quite a bit of work on the Activboard with the class - we have been learning how to use some of the pen tools like changing colours.  We also did some descriptive writing about Autumn Leaves and exploring our ideas and understanding about ANZAC day and created some pastel poppies.  I was on lunch eating duty - wandering around a bunch of eating students wearing a flouro yellow vest and a 'bum bag'.  When they put their hand up I had to check their lunch boxes to see if they had consumed all or most of their lunches and then letting them go to play accordingly.  PL (Professional Learning) meeting after school - lots of nuts & bolts stuff and a term 1 survey reflection.  I waited in the school library and checked my emails as E had guitar lessons until he finished and then we headed for home.  I took a photo driving down into the area where we live.  I jumped on the exercycle when we got home for 30 minutes while A attempted to make ANZAC biscuits.  They spread out a long way...  I checked the mailbox and was happy to see that my 'good' magazine had arrived  I had a 6:30pm appointment to get a brow shape and eyelash tint at An Seomra - love that it's a 5 minute drive from home.  So handy.  When home I had some delicious vege curry (the kids said it was a bit hot) and brown rice that J had prepared for us.  I sat down with a decaf coffee and had my first flick through 'good' magazine.  I seem to do that with magazines, have a flick through and then later I go through slowly reading articles of interest.  Often I'll re-visit it over the next week or so too.  The vintage crockery on the cover caught my interest so I think I'll be spending some time in this issue!

Today felt go, go, go.  It always is on days when there are lunch duties and meetings after school as well as the kids having guitar lessons.  Need to plan ahead for family meals more.  Bring out the crockpot maybe.

J for cooking dinner when I had no idea of what to cook.
Nice eyebrows :-)

Favourite moment...
lying on the beauticians bed having my eyebrows waxed.  sadistic much.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

A week in the life - Monday

I have thought about, planned to but never actually done this.  Today I started.  I was motivated when I saw this one on Facebook.  Loved the idea that she turned it into a real book and adore her summary pages.  A Facebook post by Ali reminded me to make a start this morning, of course her post was about it starting tomorrow, which of course was today for me.

Ali Edwards has details here.

I did try to encourage my girls (10 & 11) to do this too.  But they weren't keen.  Maybe if I do a good job this week they might do it next week?

23 April 2012
Today I had my 'everyday' breakfast - a poached egg on vogels with a flat white coffee.  I made lunch last night - spicy pumpkin soup, greek honey yoghurt and an apple.  The soup was delicious if I do say so myself.  I have 3 more bowls of it ready for the other three lunches this week.  Really need to find some containers I can freeze so my lunch isn't the same all week.  I made a piccolo latte to take with me to work, hence the photo of the keep cup.  I have been listening to some podcasts by health & wellness and they recommend the full fats rather than 'trim' stuff.  I'm seeing how it goes.  Idea is I just have less of it but they are 'good fats' for my body & brain.  I was on second half of lunch duty lakeside today.  Love the views we have at our school!  After school I enjoyed taking a few moments while dinner was cooking to have a flat white and read a book on my iPad.  The collage in picassa doubled the egg photos.  sorry.

I think about food a lot.  It's the only thing I really plan. Scary.  I actually ran again after 2 weeks.  It was good.  Miss 11 ran with me...I want to be able to run the 8km around Lake Hayes by the end of the term (10 weeks).  Tried to get Alicia join me on the challenge.  She's not sure.   
Food, Fat Chance, Beginning Teachers, ANZAC day, Family budget, Head Lice, Holidays.
Amazing scenery where we live.  The view of the Remarkables while on lunch duty. Miss 11 joining me while on duty. One of the parents offering and then putting my junior readers away when I was on CRT (classroom release time).  For CRT time to get 'stuff' done at school.
Favourite Moment...
Pressing the snooze button for the third time this morning because I had decided I wouldn't go for a run.  Nice.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Otago Rail Trail

150 kilometres, 13 people, 5 days.

Sore bottoms, viaducts, tunnels, history, family, friends, photos.  Great Journey!

Friends were doing the rail trail and we chose to join them.  We took our own bikes and utilised the services of Trail Journeys to organise our accommodation and bags transfer from place to place.  Part of our package included a Train ride to Dunedin at the completion of our journey.  We want to do it again.  Maybe next year, earlier if other people want to join us.
Sorry it's just a photo collage, it would have been a super photo heavy post if I didn't.

More to come.  Just not yet.  School Tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Below are some recent 'thrift' finds. My fave is probably the glass jug with pink frostings and gold trim. The blue is a great V-neck 3/4 sleeve top and the pink is a stunning scarf, for which I have a recipient for in my mind. The colours are perfect. When organizing our pantry, we were a few containers short. The big jars with yellow lids are perfect!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Making Change Happen

Not only making changes in our home, but also in myself.  I guess this is really where the need to clean up our home environment has started.  Since December 12th 2011 I have been on a journey to better health and wellbeing through what I eat and what I do.  I began a workbook: Fat Chance, the no going back weight loss book.  Not much happened with weights or measurements for a few weeks but then the losses started, a few hundred grams a week.  When Week 6 of the workbook rolled around the loss really started.  I think my metabolism kicked into action maybe?  It took a while as I hadn't been a breakfast or lunch eater - often having a huge afternoon tea and dinner and that was it.  I have lost 14kgs now in total and am about halfway to where I need to be for a healthy weight.  I put these layouts together at the Pukerau Scrap Weekend as a way of documenting some of this journey.

Mum started this workbook too.
It was good to have company over summer as I started trying to move more.

Swimming was 'my thing' when I  was younger.  It felt good to be back in the pool earlier this year.  Sadly/happily my togs don't fit me anymore and I know I have more to loose so I don't want to pay for new ones that I hope to grow out of soon too, nor do I want to purchase any that are too tight with the idea that I will shrink into them.  Not a good look!

I can now run for 30 minutes without stopping.  I completed C25K last Friday and have continued the thrice weekly runs into this week.  

My plate fettish is getting a bit sad.  Today I picked up some other plates at the Sallies.  Love my mismatched dinnerset, it's so easy to add to it.

I am enjoying the process of 'Making Change Happen' in my body and my home.  
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where 'deep cleaning' begins at our home

Sadly, I don't think I'm willing to share any 'before' photos, I didn't like living in the mess we had around us, my room was probably the worst.  Piles of 'stuff' hid the base of the bookshelves and unit in the photo directly below.  Our wardrobe was overflowing with clothes we didn't wear much or that didin't fit us our bathroom needed a 'deep clean' and we now have clear pahtways to and from our bed.  Best thing is we have kept it this way for a few weeks now.  I don't think I'm alone in this, another mum was posting on Facebook for some advice on how to get her kids to clean up and look after their stuff.  The first comment was that as parents we need to set the example.  I guess that's why I started on my room rather than other parts of the house.  I'm starting to like coming home again and not feeling disgusted in myself and my lack of housekeeping skills.
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sorting stuff

Since mid March I have been clearing clutter from our home (I have been trying to clear it from my body too). About six big bags of stuff that we don't need has gone to the Sallies. About the same amount has gone into the bin. My room and wardrobe were first. I wasn't fitting many of my clothes (thankfully too big rather than too small) so it made sense to start here. Next the linen cupboard and then the games cupboard. I'm still working on the office/spare room/Exercycle/music room...finding it tricky to define this room...Yesterday was the plates, bowls, pots and plastics drawers. Today I did the pantry. So many spaces to go but it feels good to look at the cleared ones:-)

Sunday, April 01, 2012


While busy creating this weekend I got thinking about what a 'scrapbook page' actually is, what should be on it?  I could hear comments about being a 'good scrapbooker' and I wondered if it matters.  Do you need to be a 'good scrapbooker' or can you just do and be happy with it.  Is it about the best papers, is it about having lots of product on your page, is it about the best looking photos?  I'm not sure these things are relevant.  They can be good to look at (beauty is in the eye of the beholder).  I thought about the pages I was creating.  For me it's a memory written down and shown in picutres.  I often add a title but I'm thinking that this is superfluous to the intention too.  I might need to do a series of title-less pages just for the sake of it so photos and story are truly the key components of a page.  As the weekend progressed I decided to scrap 'simply'.  My simple isn't lots of lined up squares with white card backing but rather a base paper or card with a photo on it.  Maybe another piece of patterned paper or two somewhere on the page.  Some stamping, a little embellishment, title lettering and a story.  I love to look at detailed pages, lots of layering and depth but more and more I am coming to realise that pages like these aren't my style.  This weekend I scrapped photos that weren't carefully composed, that weren't taken on an amazing camera.  They tell a story and prompt my memories to be written down.  That is enough.

Scrap Weekend @ Pukerau

I had a creative and entertaining weekend away.  I'm not sure I'll ever look at laminators the same way again however.  I got really busy with my pages and project and was impressed with how much I could achieve in only the one weekend.  I packed well for the tasks at hand, taking my scrap trolley, scrap bag and a clear plastic underbed box with gear.  This was packing light for me!  But it was all I needed.  We were greeted with a gorgeous red and white bowl with scrapping goodies in it - doilies, feathers, yellow buttons, ribbon and washi tape.  We were given some more goodies later that evening - beautiful papers and a 6 x 6 pad to match - Miss Caroline by MME.   On  Friday eveneing I worked on some pages.  On Saturday morning I set myself the task of creating a smashbook of our trip to Auckland last year.  This took till after lunch and then I commenced some more pages.

Andrea arrived at about 11am with the Scrapbook Outlet shop and I checked out some of the new papers she had.  I loved some 'Authentique' papers, a couple of 7 Gypsies pages, A Boys Life, Childish and Alora.  Playing with some of these for the rest of the weekend proved very productive.  Here is some of what I created below...

Julie & Kim did a fabulous job of making the weekend special for all of us from the lolly table to the balloon popping for spot prizes (mine was for being studious!!!) and the meals were delicious too.  At the end I won a 'shopping' challenge prize which sees me as the proud owner of a green Tupperware lunch box from TupperClaire as well as a pot of prima flowers.
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