Thursday, July 29, 2010

Celebrate New Zealand with SBO

There's a new comp at the SBO forum - all about Kiwiana. But you have to register to be a part of it...Three Making Memory Slices are up as the prizes as well as some product later on for all with 100 points, it must be big because the build up to it on the forum has been intense!

Monday, July 12, 2010

the humble tea towel

I was looking for some suitable 'boy' fabric for a gift that I planned to sew tonight...and found a tea towel that I could use. Got me thinking...what else can I do with tea-towels? Last year I made one into an apron - just sewed some ribbon along one of the long edges of the tea-towel with some hanging out each side to tie it up. I put this with a bowl, wooden spoon and some cookie cutters as a baking gift.
Tonights project was a art folio - slot for an A5 book and the other side segmented for pens/pencils with ribbons to tie it together - will share photographically in daylight.
on further searching:
I had found a tea towel brush or crayon roll a while ago...but can't seem to find it now.

Do something other than drying the dishes with your tea towels!


saturday night

Menu was fantastic thanks Jase :-)
Enjoyed everyones company - thank you for coming through.
Thanks for the game Sally - & thanks mum for joining in eventually...."moccassin"!
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Friday, July 09, 2010

proposed menu

Little tastes pre dinner
  • toasted Christmas cake with blue cheese
  • cheese platter
For starters
  • beetroot soup with creme fraiche
The main event
  • roast pork loin with kumara, fennel and stuffed apple
  • green salads and roast vegetables
Sweet stuff
  • steamed pudding with fruit soaked in pinot and brandied cream
  • eton mess
  • sorbet (df)
  • fruit salad

OK, to finish the decluttering, await the arrival of some Winter papers from Scrapbook Outlet then get the cricut working on some decorations! I also need to revisit notes of taking night photographs with candlelight.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Spring, I mean Winter Cleaning List

Two weeks off...We decided we needed to get the house decluttered & cleaned up so it's easier to keep on top of as we head into the second half of 2010. Not a spring clean but rather a winter one - much nicer to stay inside cleaning in winter than in spring don't you think? Martha Stewart has a very thorough cleaning list and I got this list from Simple Mom blog:

We aren't doing the garage sale thing. Decided it would be much easier to just deliver it to the Salvation Army Store then it's done and hopefully others can benefit from our stuff through the work that they do in our communities.

I still like flylady and dh would love her to come back to her house...I have been keeping the sink cleared but that's about it! Oh, and I want some tupperware to organise our pantry, small pantry, dh is a chef and the stuff just doesn't fit in there very well! But this will be a long term goal as it costs lots. The smell of gingerbread is wafting through our living room (dh making a gingerbread house for midwinter Christmas dinner) and I would love to have tried cutting some of the dough out with a Cricut cake...however...not just yet :-)

Maybe cleaning isn't the best way to spend time off, but it's very satisfying!


Midwinter Christmas Dinner

We are hosting a mid winter Christmas dinner this weekend. It's nice actually having the time to think about the evening without thinking about travel, presents and all the other things that seem to go hand in hand with December 25th. I'm not sure why this type is underlined and purple...but the info is there so bear with me :-)

Have you ever been to or hosted a mid winter Christmas dinner? What do you remember most?

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Lemon & Raspberry

Cool link for 'better photography in 3 easy steps' - here

Term break. Girls have final netball tournament today. J is judging (the chef work) at the salon culinaire. Lots to catch up on at home after a 11 week term!

Feeling creative though...